How to Ask the Universe a Question and Get an Answer

Want to get an answer from the Universe quickly? Here’s how to get answers from the Universe in 3 steps.

Does the Universe Answer Your Questions?

Yes. The Universe always responds to your questions—but you must tune into your intuition to hear it.

As I explain in my book Feeling Good, the Universe is always speaking to you through your Inner Guide, also known as your intuition.

The reason why it’s so hard for us to “hear” this guidance is that many of us have been taught to rely on external evidence rather than internal guidance.

Instead of honoring our intuition which is naturally programmed to lead us toward our highest good, we are taught to dismiss our intuition as “unrealistic” or “not the adult thing to do”.

Children gravitate toward joy because they only listen to their intuition.

And that’s the way it should be for us if we want to find the key to joy, happiness, and love.

Follow these 3 steps to reclaim your spiritual connection and receive answers from the Universe.

1. Ask Through Prayer

The first step to getting answers from the Universe is to ask your question through prayer.

The Universe can’t guide you unless you are willing to ask.

Otherwise, that would be a violation of your free will.

The way you ask is through prayer.

Praying is the best way to communicate your requests to the Universe because every prayer is heard and answered.

Your willingness to pray is a massive statement of faith, so the Universe is bound to respond.

Prayer may sound intimidating but it is simply a thought or request directed to the God of your own understanding.

As I teach in my manifestation course, there are no rules when it comes to prayer.

Even a simple prayer like, “Thank you,” is a prayer in and of itself.

The key to prayer is to do it often, and not just when you need something.

Are you more likely going to respond to that friend who only reaches out when they need something or a friend who is always there for you?

Treat your relationship with the Universe like a two-way street and you will feel supported in your daily life.

If prayer is something that’s new to you, get started with these Prayers To the Universe, Prayers For Abundance, and this powerful Daily Prayer For Manifestation.

2. Receive The Answers Through Meditation

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The second step to getting answers from the Universe is to receive the answers through meditation.

If praying is asking, then meditating is receiving.

Almost every spiritual practice involves meditation because meditation is how you connect with your higher power.

When you sit in stillness, you quiet the incessant chatter of your mind which allows divine wisdom and spiritual guidance to come through.

An average person has over 60,000 thoughts a day, so it is imperative to carve out time to slow down in order to hear the guidance from the Universe.

Many lightworkers report receiving hits of inspiration or what is commonly known as “spiritual downloads” during meditation.

The answers from the Universe may come to you in the form of a thought, an intuitive feeling, or a desire to take action.

Meditation may sound daunting but it’s a really simple practice once you get the hang of it.

Simply sit in stillness, witness any thoughts that come up without any judgment, and then guide your attention back to the breath.

If you’re new to meditation, try following these guided meditations for manifestation.

3. Follow Your Intuition

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The final step to getting answers from the Universe is to follow your intuition.

Whenever you ask the Universe for guidance, the answer will show up.

Now the answer may not be what you expect or what you want necessarily, but it will always be there.

Many times the answers show up, but we don’t like the answer we’re given and so we ignore it instead.

Well, guess what? The more you ignore it, the harder it becomes to hear guidance from the Universe.

This is why it’s so important to honor and act upon the guidance you receive through your intuition.

The Universe is always conspiring to lead you toward what is of the highest good, but you must be willing to work with the Universe to co-create your desires.

That intuitive thought, feeling, or desire you feel is the answer you’re looking for. So go and do something about it!

Now it might involve stepping outside of your comfort zone a little bit.

Or it might involve examining old wounds or limiting beliefs that have been with you for years.

The Universe is invested in your self-actualization and will lead you on the path that is the most conducive to your personal growth.

Ultimately, you have to be willing to listen to the advice you receive from the Universe.

Think about it this way, if you keep ignoring the advice of a friend, do you think they will want to keep trying to help you?

Trust that whatever action you take, you will be supported and held.

The Universe would not give you a dream without giving you the means to accomplish it.

How Long Does It Take For The Universe To Answer Your Question?

When you ask the Universe for help, the Universe responds instantly.

All you have to do is tune in to your intuition to hear it.

This help comes as a feeling of relief first. 

Then your circumstance will begin to shift. You will begin to receive inspired ideas and creative solutions to face your situation with new energy.

What to Do After You Ask The Universe A Question

After you have asked the Universe a question, all you have to do is to relax and allow the answer to be revealed to you.

Tune into your soul and listen to your intuition for guidance.

Your intuition is deeply connected to the Universe and it will guide you to take action that results in the highest good for all.

Don’t judge the answer with your own expectations.

The answer may not be what you expect, but it’s always the right answer.

What to Do After The Universe Answers Your Question

After the Universe answers your question, thank the Universe for the guidance and then act upon it.

It’s really important that you honor the guidance you received.

Otherwise, you will risk blocking yourself from receiving guidance from the Universe in the future.