How To Make Your Manifestation Permanent In 3 Steps

Want to make sure your manifestation is here to stay? Follow these 3 steps to make your manifestation permanent.

Manifestation goes both ways. You have the ability to manifest something but you also have the ability to make it go away.

This is why it’s so important to make it part of your manifestation practice to celebrate your past manifestations.

Many of us forget to count our blessings and until those blessings are gone.

This is why self-help leaders have been encouraging the practice of keeping a gratitude journal for years.

Gratitude is a quick, fast, and FREE way to keep your manifestation in place.

Follow these 3 steps below to make your manifestation permanent.

1. Celebrate Your Manifestation

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The first step to make your manifestation permanent is to celebrate your manifestation.

When people manifest something, they immediately want to capitalize on that by manifesting even more.

This is a recipe for burnout.

Manifesting is all about doing less and attracting more.

The best and easiest way to manifest more is to celebrate what you have right now.

Why? Because appreciation is one of the energies with the highest vibrational frequencies according to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

When you are in a state of appreciation, your energy will attract more situations, people, and outcomes to be appreciative of.

This is why if you want to make your manifestation permanent and manifest even more good things in the future, you have to appreciate what you have.

2. Keep Your Vibration High

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The second step to make your manifestation permanent is to keep your vibration high.

One of the most common reasons why people “lose” their manifestations is they begin to focus on what’s not working in their lives.

We all suffer from the negativity bias which means that we tend to focus on the negative rather than the positive even if the negative and positive events are of the same magnitude.

This is why you have to make it your highest priority to maintain your vibration by feeling good.

As I explain in my book Feeling Good, the way that you feel is a direct indicator of your vibrational frequency.

And as a result of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, your vibration is always attracting to you things that match its likeness.

So if you’re constantly in a state of positive emotions like joy, you will attract joyful experiences that match your vibration.

But if you’re constantly in a state of negative emotions like fear, you will attract fearful experiences that match your vibration.

So if you want to make your manifestation permanent, you have make it a priority to feel good and keep your vibration high.

Some simple but powerful ways to raise your vibration are to recite I Am affirmationspray to the Universe, and do manifestation meditations.

3. Make Manifestation A Part Of Your Life

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The final step to make your manifestation permanent is to make manifestation a part of your life.

As I teach in my manifestation course Manifesting Made Easy, you are always manifesting your future whether you are aware of it or not.

This is why it’s important to view manifestation as a way to live rather than something that you do occasionally.

When you perceive the world through the lens of energetic vibration and the Law of Attraction, you will experience life differently.

You will no longer question why things happen the way they do because you understand that your experiences are simply a reflection of your internal state.

That your greatest power to change the world lies in your ability to change your mind about the world.

When you become conscious of your manifesting power all the time, you will never lose your manifestations.

You know that you have the tools within you to manifest what you want or something even better.

The principles of manifestation will help you transcend the worldy perception of lack and shift into the perception of infinite possibilities.

This is what A Course In Miracles call a miracle.

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