How To Practice The Law of Attraction

Do you want to learn how to practice the law of attraction?

When you’re just starting, you may find it is difficult to apply the law of attraction to manifest your dream life.

The truth is it takes time and effort if you want to truly master the Law of Attraction. That’s why they call it a practice.

Here are 5 things you can do to practice the law of attraction and get better at manifesting.

5 Ways To Practice The Law of Attraction

1. Start Small

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If you have just started practicing the law of attraction, you should start small when it comes to manifesting.

Start by manifesting smaller and less significant desires. For example, manifesting a text message or manifesting a small sum of money.

Once you’re comfortable with the process of attracting your desires, you can aim higher to manifest bigger desires.

Think of the law of attraction like lifting weights at the gym. If you are a complete beginner, you probably shouldn’t start with the 40 kg dumbbell.

Like all skills, you will get better at the law of attraction through time and effort.

2. Record Your Manifestations

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Writing down your manifestations is very important if you want to practice the law of attraction.

We are naturally inclined to focus on the things that are not going well in our lives. 

This makes it easy for us to forget all the miracles we have manifested in the past.

You should record every single thing you manifested, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. 

I like to record my manifestations in my Miracles Log which is part of our Law of Attraction Planner

Whenever you feel out of alignment with the Universe, you can reflect on all the times you witnessed divine support from the Universe.

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3. Meditate Daily

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Make it a habit to meditate daily.

Meditation is an important part of any law of attraction practice because it the perfect way to recalibrate your energy.

Find a quiet and comfortable place and breathe in and out slowly. 

If you’re looking for inspiration and energy, extend your inhale and make it longer than your exhale.

If you’re looking for relaxation and calmness, extend your exhale and make it longer than your inhale.

Your meditation practice is not measured by how long your meditation lasts.

Always focus on how meditation makes you feel in the present moment.

4. Make Having Fun Your Priority

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A great way to make the law of attraction into a daily habit is to have fun with it.

When you are having fun, your energy becomes high vibration and magnetic.

Your high vibrational energy is like a magnet and it will attract outcomes that match this frequency.

In other words, you maximize your manifesting power when you prioritize having fun.

When the law of attraction becomes a chore, your energy will spiral downwards.

And when you emit negative energy, you attract negative outcomes.

5. Cultivate Your Connection With The Universe

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The law of attraction is not a one-man show.

Manifesting requires you to co-create your reality by working with the Universe.

This is why it’s important to have a good relationship with the Universe.

Get into dialogue with the Universe through daily prayers. Lean on your inner guide whenever you feel the need for support.

The Universe is always revealing guidance of the highest truth through your intuition. 

Learn to trust your intuition and strengthen your connection to the Universe in your daily life.

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