How To Speed Up Your Manifestation

Do you want to speed up your manifestation? Here are 3 ways to manifest faster.

Can You Speed Up Your Manifestation?

Yes. You can speed up your manifestation.

The speed of your manifestation is controlled by one thing and one thing only—how much you believe in your manifestation.

If you are absolutely certain that you will have your desire no matter what, your desire will manifest very quickly.

But if you are wishy-washy and you are always doubting your desire, your desire will take a long time to manifest or not manifest at all.

You cannot think about the absence of your desire and manifest your desire at the same time.

Whatever you focus on the most is what you will attract.

If the majority of your thoughts are focused on not having your desire, that is the outcome you will manifest.

Here are 3 ways you can try to speed up your manifestation.

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1. Go On A Strict Mental Diet

The first way to speed up your manifestation is to go on a strict mental diet.

The only reason why your desire is not manifesting is that you are thinking contradictory thoughts.

What this means is that you have an undisciplined mind.

Sometimes you believe you will get what you want, but other times you don’t believe you will get what you want.

This back-and-forth stunts your manifestation and prevents your desire from manifesting.

This is why the best way to speed up your manifestation is to go on a mental diet.

What is a mental diet? Going on a mental diet simply means you actively monitor your thoughts and take action to change your thoughts whenever you find yourself doubting or worrying about your desire.

Thoughts attract other thoughts that are like it. This means that if you do not stop the momentum of your negative thoughts, they will continue to snowball and become a negative belief and then manifest in your life.

So instead of letting your thoughts fester and run wild, all you have to do is to be aware of the thoughts you’re thinking and interrupt the negative thought as soon as it pops up.

You can use a prayer like, “I am willing to see this situation differently,” to quickly change your thoughts.

Manifesting can be summed one in one sentence. What you believe is what you receive.

If you want to manifest something, you must make sure the majority of your thoughts support your vision of having what you want.

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2. Visualize Your Desire Every Night Before Sleeping

The second way to speed up your manifestation is to visualize your desired outcome every night before you go to sleep.

Neville Goddard recommends practicing visualization during a meditative state called a “state akin to sleep (SATS).”

In this relaxed state, your conscious mind begins to slow down which makes it the optimal time to impress new assumptions in your subconscious mind through your imagination.

You can access this state through meditation or you can take advantage of the time just before you fall asleep.

I prefer the latter because we do it every day anyway.

Once you’re in SATS, use your imagination to take yourself into the scene of your desire in the first person.

You want to feel as if you are in the scene and see your desired reality in the first-person view.

Once the scene ends, repeat it again. Loop it over and over.

Your mind will try to throw you off course. If you wander off, bring yourself back to the scene.

As you loop the scene, you will naturally FEEL the feelings in that scene that you’d feel as if you were actually there.

Do this until you fall asleep. If you successfully fall asleep while imagining your scene, the belief will be impressed into your subconscious mind and your belief will manifest in your reality.

The more you visualize during SATS, the faster you impress that desire into your subconscious mind.

As soon as that desire becomes your truth, it will manifest in your life.

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3. Assume Your Manifestation Is On Its Way

The third way to speed up your manifestation is to just assume that your desire is already on its way.

Take the pressure off yourself and just believe that your desire is already coming and there’s no stopping it.

There’s nothing more that you need to do or don’t do to make your desire happen.

It is already happening!

Here are 5 things you can do to help maintain your assumption that your desire is on its way are:

  • Assume that every situation you encounter, every person you meet, and every action you take is bringing you closer to your desire.
  • Say YES to new opportunities and events. Step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith.
  • Be on the lookout for evidence that confirms your desire is manifesting. Look for signs from the Universe such as repeating numbers, names, initials, and symbols.
  • Try to see obstacles as opportunities instead.
  • Be willing to see rejection as redirection instead.

Most people mess up their manifestation because they constantly worry about when or how their desire will manifest.

This is a big mistake because it basically negates all the work you have put in.

When you feel worried, it means that you don’t believe it will happen. And if you don’t believe it will happen, it won’t!

Manifesting can be summed one in one sentence. What you believe is what you receive.

If you want to manifest something, you must unblock all resistance standing between you and your desire by fully believing that it is already happening.

So the biggest lesson here is to simply have faith that your specific person is already on their way to you.

Trust that the Universe is always responding to your beliefs and you will always attract outcomes that are a match to your dominant thoughts.

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How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something?

It usually takes 40 days to manifest something. 

The amount of time it will take to manifest depends on how well you stay in alignment with the belief that you will get what you want.

Whatever you focus on, you attract.

You cannot think about not having what you want and manifest what you want at the same time.

If you want to manifest what you want, the majority of your thoughts must be aligned with the possibility that you will manifest your desire no matter what.

This means no negative self-talk, no self-doubt, and no feeling sorry for yourself.

As long as you believe you can manifest something, you will manifest it.

Does Manifesting Always Work?

Yes. Manifesting always works. 

However, your outcome may unfold in a slightly different way than you planned it.

For example, instead of manifesting your dream job in a week, you may manifest an even better job with a higher salary in a month!

This is why it’s so important not to limit the way you think your manifestation will unfold. Always be open to creative possibilities.

Remain aligned with your desire to manifest what you want, but stay open to when or how it will happen.

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