Is Manifesting Dangerous?

Is it dangerous to manifest? The answer is no. Manifesting is not dangerous at all.

Whether you know it or not, you have been manifesting your entire life, and you are still here alive and reading this blog post.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like.

Without exception, you will always attract into your life whatever you give your energy, focus, and attention to.

The only “danger” here is not realizing that you hold the power to manifest your thoughts into reality. 

Many people go through life without realizing they have a say in attracting the people, experiences, and outcomes that they desire.

Here are three reasons why manifesting is not dangerous if you use it correctly.

3 Reasons Why Manifesting Is Not Dangerous

1. Things Take Time To Manifest

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The primary reason why manifesting is not dangerous is because it takes time for things to manifest in physical form.

This period of time is known as the buffer of time.

The buffer of time is the time gap between the asking of your desire and the receiving of the physical manifestation of your desire.

While some people may perceive the buffer of time as one of the hurdles to manifesting, it is actually a blessing in disguise.

Try applying the buffer of time to the manifestation of the things that you don’t want.

Without the buffer of time, any accidental detours into fear or negativity will instantly manifest people, situations, and outcomes that you don’t want.

And trust me – you don’t want that.

2. You Are Allowed To Course Correct

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Your energy creates your reality. It’s important to remember that it’s your feeling that attracts when it comes to manifestation.

When you are feeling good and aligned with the Universe, you are sending out high-vibe energy into the Universe, so you will receive positive outcomes.

But when you are feeling terrible and out of alignment, you are sending out low-vibe energy into the Universe, so you’ll receive negative outcomes.

Because of the buffer of time, you have plenty of time to align your energy and raise your vibrations to match the vibrations of your desire before it manifests physically.

Always remember that your emotion is an absolute indicator of your future manifestations.

Turn inward and let your emotions be your compass when it comes to manifesting.

Refer to the Emotional Guidance Scale to learn how emotions correspond to vibrations and how you can use the scale to raise your vibrations.

3. True Manifestation Is Powered By Love

As explained in my Ultimate Guide to Manifesting, the Universe is the supporting force when it comes to manifesting.

This higher power goes by many names including the Universe, God, and Source. It doesn’t matter what you choose to call it because they all refer to the same force of love beyond the physical realm. 

The Universe is a naturally high vibrational being. Another name for the Universe is Love because love is the highest vibrational energy you can channel according to the Emotional Guidance Scale

Although the Universe is impartial when it comes to delivering outcomes that match your energy, the loving nature of the Universe means that it is always conspiring to lead you toward solutions of the highest good for all.

If you want to participate in the co-creation of your reality, you must commit to staying in alignment with the loving energy of the Universe. 

This is why it’s important to build a spiritual connection with the Universe.

When you believe that a higher power is supporting your actions, you will be able to let go of low-vibe energy that is backed by fear in exchange for high-vibe energy that is backed by love.

Try Using A Manifesting Planner

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I hope you find this blog post helpful and that it serves you.