4 Major Blocks To Your Manifestation Power

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4 Major Blocks To Your Manifesting Power The Millennial Grind

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Manifestation is a skill that is easy to learn but hard to master. A lot of people get overzealous when they are starting to manifest and practice the law of attraction but end up burning out quickly. Manifestation should feel easy and natural. You are always manifesting your reality because the Universe is always responding to the energy and vibes you send out regardless of whether you are aware of it or not.  When you learn how to align with the loving energy of the Universe, there are no limits to what you can attract. Keep reading below to learn the 4 Major Blocks To Your Manifestation Power.

4 Major Blocks To Your Manifestation Power The Millennial Grind

4 Major Blocks To Your Manifestation Power

Manic Manifestor

The Manic Manifestor is someone who is super invested in the “doing” of manifestation. They spend their day reciting positive affirmations, intentions, prayers and they are hyperfocused on manifesting a specific outcome. They forget that energy is what attracts. The energy they send out is needy and frantic which is totally out of alignment with the Universe.  Remember that the Universe is always responding to the energy you send out. So when you send out manic thoughts, you’ll receive manic outcomes.

Pushy Manifestor

Pushy Manifactestors are overachievers. They believe that if they are not overworking, then abundance and success will not flow to them. They are under the limiting belief that the harder they push, the more they’ll achieve. But when they are pushing their agenda so hard, they create resistance by not allowing Universal guidance to come through.

Fearful Manifestor

We are constantly plagued by fear, this is especially true in 2020 with the global pandemic and protests around the world. We live in a fear-based world so it’s easy to fall victim to the nasty grip of fear. Fear-based thoughts take us out of alignment with the Universe and block us from our attracting power. Instead of celebrating all the good in our lives, fear causes us to be stuck in a negative loop of focusing on all the things that are going wrong.

Judgmental Manifestor

Judgmental Manifestors are someone who harbors judgment against others or themselves. Judgment can come in many forms including jealousy, envy, and general negative thoughts. When we judge others, we not only create separation from other people and we also create separation from our true nature which is love. When we are in a state of judgment, we directly block guidance from the Universe which affects our abilities to manifest.

How To Unblock Your Manifesting Power

Manic Manifestor

You are doing all the right things, so you just simply need to let go and allow. Shift the energy from frantic and manic to a place of trust and belief. Reframe your affirmation to one that is built around spiritual surrender like “Thank you Universe, I am ready to step back and let you take the lead.”

Pushy Manifestor

Manifestation is all about energy and whether you are feeling good or not. Make it a priority to do less and receive more. Learn to trust that the Universe’s plan will always exceed your own plans and the Universe is always conspiring to lead you to the highest good.

Fearful Manifestor

Stop the negative downward spiral by acknowledging your fear-based thoughts. Forgive yourself for having negative thoughts and honor your desire to shift back to love. Gently diffuse your fear by proactively reaching for better feeling thoughts using Abraham Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale.

Judgemental Manifestor

Witness your judgment without judgment. Do not be hard on yourself for judging, instead celebrate your willingness to shift your energy back to alignment with your true love nature. The best way to get rid of judgmental thoughts is to want for others what you want for yourself. There is plenty to go around and remember that someone else’s success doesn’t make you a failure. You manifest abundance when you celebrate other people’s success and use the light to inspire your own.

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