12 Universal Laws: How To Use Them

9 thoughts on “12 Universal Laws: How To Use Them”

  1. I didn’t know there were any specific rules for the universe
    Anyway, I resonate mostly with the law of rhythm. Once you get flow in something, you get so lost in something, and lose even the track of time, you become a magician. UNSTOPPABLE and as the rest of the law hint, you attract the right vibrations and energy and everything. Iwould love to see an article on realm, astral projection and what the laws say about it….if cool.
    Thanks and love from Nairobi

  2. Lots of truth in the 12 laws if your eyes are open enough to see whats being said . Were here for a reason and purpose bc life and everything that comes with it and all the life before us is just to complex to be for nothing. They’re was a first second of the first day that began everything that we know today and that had to be something very special to create everything

  3. I really enjoyed the 12 laws of the universe! All are amazing and eye opening. Now the most important things is to apply them. Thanks alot

    1. I think you can start by quieting your mind (meditation) and asking for direction from your higher self, your all knowing self. And also be ready to directed

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