How To Tap Into Your Divine Feminine

Do you want to activate the divine feminine within you? Here are 5 ways to tap into your divine feminine.

What Is Divine Feminine Energy?

The divine feminine represents the part of our consciousness that connects us to qualities like intuition, feeling, emotions, creativity, and spirituality.

The divine feminine energy is the exact opposite of the divine masculine which connects us to qualities like logic, authority, confidence, objectivity, and action-taking.

What Are The Qualities of Divine Feminine Energy?

The divine feminine is associated with qualities such as intuition, heart-centeredness, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, forgiveness, collaboration, reflection, creativity, sensuality, kindness, and gentleness.

Divine Feminine vs Divine Masculine

One thing to note is that one is not better than the other. Both the divine feminine and the divine masculine need to work together harmoniously to create solutions for the highest good.

However, society has traditionally favored masculine qualifies over feminine qualities.

This is one of the reasons why so many of us feel stressed and burnt out. The glorification of the divine masculine makes us feel like we have to go out there and take the bull by the horns.

This is why it is imperative that we restore our connection to our divine feminine so we can restore balance in our lives.

Read below and learn 5 ways you can use to tap into your divine feminine.

1. Honor Your Intuition

woman praying

The first way to tap into your divine feminine energy is to honor your intuition.

The divine feminine is deeply in touch with intuition because it is part of you that connects you with the Universe.

Your intuition (also known as your higher self) is your inner guidance system.

You didn’t have to learn it because you were born with it.

Children naturally gravitate toward things that bring them joy because their connection with intuition is intact.

But as we grow up, most of us have been taught to ignore our intuition and rely on external evidence to support our decision-making.

To tap into your divine feminine, make it your goal to reconnect with your intuition.

Instead of overthinking and second-guessing yourself, listen to your inner guide, and let it guide you toward what feels good.

Start small when cultivating your relationship with your intuition.

Ask your intuition for guidance in low-stakes areas of your life, like deciding what to eat or what to buy.

As you get to know your inner guide, you’ll learn to rely on your intuition in all areas of your life.

2. Appreciate What You Have

woman smiling

The second way to tap into your divine feminine energy is to appreciate what you have.

Many of us have been raised with the divine masculine energy of wanting more and never being satisfied with what-is.

The divine feminine knows we live in a world of abundance and the key to getting more of what you want is to appreciate what you already have.

Appreciation is one of the emotions with the highest vibrational frequencies according to Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale.

When you appreciate what you currently have, you put yourself into vibrational alignment with your desires.

In this state of high vibration, you are aligned with the Universe which means you can do less and attract more.

3. Manifest Using Your Energy

girl writing

The third way to tap into your divine feminine energy is to manifest what you want.

The divine feminine is highly intuitive and in touch with her feelings and emotions.

This is why people who embody these feminine qualities are so good at manifesting.

Rather than relying on the masculine way of pushing and shoving, the feminine uses her high vibrational energy to bring her vision to life.

As I teach in my manifestation course, manifesting means cultivating the feeling of what you want to experience and then allowing that experience to come into form through the energetic alignment of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. And by the Law of Attraction, energies with similar vibrations are drawn to each other.

Because the divine feminine is deeply in touch with her creative energy, she can think outside the box and use spiritual practices like visualization, affirmations, and journaling to raise her vibrational frequency.

By aligning your energy with the energy you want to experience. You will attract people, objects, and situations that are a vibrational match for you.

4. Shower Yourself With Self-Love

woman holding sparkler

The fourth way to tap into your divine feminine energy is to shower yourself with self-love.

Self-love means to love yourself fiercely and unapologetically.

The divine feminine knows that in order to give to others, she must give to herself first.

She gives herself time, patience, and a whole lot of love.

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. That is why in many religions and belief systems, love is synonymous with God.

The feminine self knows that her true purpose is to connect to the presence of love that is all around and within her.

When she is one with love, she is one with God.

Cultivate more self-love by creating a high-vibe morning routine, reciting I Am affirmations, and unlearning limiting beliefs.

5. Forgive Yourself and Others

girl dancing in front of a mirror

The final way to tap into your divine feminine energy is to forgive yourself and others.

The divine feminine is quick to forgive because she prioritizes her own happiness.

She would rather be happy than be right.

She leads with compassion because she is compassionate toward herself.

Instead of holding grudges, the divine feminine extends forgiveness again and again.

She knows that every time she forgives, she manifests a miracle.

Because a miracle is just a shift in perception from fear to love.

Can Anyone Tap Into Their Divine Feminine Energy?

Yes. Anyone can tap into their divine feminine energy.

It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you always have access to both divine masculine and divine feminine energy.

How Long Does It Take To Align With Your Divine Feminine Energy?

It can take up to 40 days of consistent practice to align with your divine feminine energy.

Scientific research shows it takes around 40 days to build a new habit, so tapping into your divine feminine for 40 days will help you turn this new way of living into a habit.

After the 40 days, you should find it easy to stay in alignment with the qualities of the divine feminine.