The 7 Archangels and Their Roles

Want to call on the help of the archangels? Read this blog post to learn about the seven archangels and their roles.

Archangels are high-rank angels who are here to offer you divine wisdom and deepen your connection with the Universe.

Although all archangels offer guidance, wisdom, and inspiration, every archangel plays a specific role and function. 

This means you have to be familiar with the archangels in order to know which archangel to reach out to.

Here are seven archangels that are repeatedly referenced in spiritual texts.

1. Archangel Michael

archangel michael

Meaning of Name: He who is as God

Color: Blue

Role: Archangel Michael is the most well-known and most powerful archangel. Michael’s role is to bring protection to us. He is a warrior that is aligned with courage, strength, and justice. 

In moments of crisis, Michael is the archangel you should call upon. He will offer guidance and divine protection to those who need him at the most opportune time.

Archangel Michael most often reveals himself as a glimmer of blue light. Use the color blue as a reminder that you are being protected by Archangel Michael.

2. Archangel Raphael

archangel raphael

Meaning of Name: God heals

Color: Green

Role: Archangel Raphael is responsible for healing physical and mental ailments. If you’re in the medical profession, Raphael is the angel to call upon for assistance.

If you or someone you know is going through health struggles, call on Raphael to bring healing to you. This healing may occur as a miracle or you may be led toward a solution that will restore your wellbeing.

Allow your higher self to step forward and be receptive to new forms of guidance. God works miracles through medical professionals.

Archangel Raphael often shows up as a glimmer of green light. Use the color green as a sign that healing is available to you right now.

3. Archangel Gabriel

archangel gabriel

Meaning of Name: God is my strength

Color: White

Role: Archangel Gabriel is known as the angel of communication. He plays the role of God’s messenger.

If you work in the field of communications, Gabriel is the angel you should bond with. Gabriel excels at helping artists, writers, and teachers spread their messages with authenticity.

If you’re having trouble communicating or expressing your thoughts, allow the guidance of Gabriel to help you express your highest truth.

Gabriel is associated with white light. Whenever you see bright white lights around you, trust that Gabriel is by your side.

4. Archangel Jophiel

archangel jophiel

Meaning of Name: Beauty of God

Color: Yellow

Role: Archangel Jophiel is responsible for guiding you to see the beauty in all things by redirecting your perception back to love.

Jophiel helps artists and creatives tap into the creative energy of joy and get into vibrational alignment with love. 

When you are stuck in negative emotions, call upon Jophiel to help you realign with the loving presence of the Universe.

Jophiel reveals herself through rays of yellow light. Let the color yellow be a reminder there you can always choose to see things differently.

5. Archangel Ariel

archangel ariel

Meaning of Name: Lion of God

Color: Purple

Role: Archangel Ariel is responsible for protecting the Earth and its resources and inhabitants.

If you’re an animal lover or environmental activist, Ariel is the archangel you should call on.

Allow the loving presence of Ariel to guide your thoughts and actions so you can play a role in saving the planet’s natural resources, ecosystem, and animals.

Ariel can help you see difficult situations from a more loving perspective so you can create positive changes with less resistance from others.

Ariel is often associated with purple light. Whenever you see the color purple, you can trust that Ariel is by your side and offering you guidance.

6. Archangel Azrael

archangel azrael

Meaning of Name: Whom God helps

Color: Indigo

Role: Archangel Azrael is often known as the Angel of Death. His purpose is to help the diseased transition into the spirit realm.

If you’re someone that deals with a lot of losses and deaths, be sure to call upon Archangel Azrael to ease the pain and sorrow of the loved ones of the diseased.

But “death” can also be applied metaphorically to transitions and new beginnings such as manifesting a new job, new relationship, or a new place to live.

Call on Azrael whenever you’re starting a new endeavor to ensure a smooth transition.

The color indigo is a sign of Azrael’s presence. Whenever you see indigo lights, you can trust that Azrael is assisting someone around you.

7. Archangel Chamuel

archangel chamuel

Meaning of Name: He who sees God

Color: Pink

Role: Archangel Chamuel is responsible for bringing peace to the world. He is capable of restoring order in even the most chaotic situations.

If you often find yourself caught up in drama and conflict, call on Chamuel to restore peace in your life.

Chamuel will guide you to see the situation with compassion and forgiveness.

Chamuel is associated with the pink lights. Seeing pink lights around a person or an object is a sign that Chamuel is within your presence.

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