3 Steps To Detach From Your Manifestation

Do you want to let go of your manifestation? Read this blog post and learn how to detach from your manifestation in 3 steps.

Letting go of your manifestation is one of the biggest blocks for all manifestations.

The reason why it’s so difficult for us to let go is fear.

Although we want to manifest our greatest desires, deep down we have an underlying fear that we will not get what we want.

Manifesting requires you to be in vibrational alignment with the feeling you want to experience.

And when your underlying energy is fear and worry, you’re out of alignment with your manifestation.

Instead of manifesting the situations, people, and experiences that match your positive energy. You attract chaotic outcomes that match your low vibrational emotions.

This is why it’s so important to detach from your outcome when manifesting.

When you have faith that you will receive what you want or something better, your energy is grounded in love and joy.

And you will attract outcomes that match your high vibrational energy.

Read below for 3 steps you can take to detach from your manifestation.

Step 1: Place The Feeling Before The Outcome

woman smiling

The first step to detaching from your manifestation is to place the feeling before the outcome.

If you’re obsessing over what’s going to happen, you’re most likely placing your attention on the outcome rather than your feelings and emotions.

As I teach in my book, Feeling Good, you manifest what you feel—not what you want.

So what you have to do here is to shift your focus back on cultivating the feelings you want to experience.

For example, instead of believing that when you manifest the perfect relationship, you will feel happy.

Change the narrative to when you feel happy, you will manifest the perfect relationship.

By placing the feeling before the outcome, you take the pressure off the manifestation and release all that needy and controlling energy.

Take time to cultivate the positive feeling you desire (whether it be happiness, joy, or love) and do things that make you feel good.

In the presence of feeling good, your energy is super attractive and your desires will flow to you effortlessly.

Use Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale to identify all the high vibrational emotions that you can align with.

Step 2: Surrender Your Plans

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The second step to detaching from your manifestation is to surrender your plans to the Universe.

As I teach in my manifestation course, our plans make us feel safe because we feel like we’re in control.

But did you know that your plans can be getting in the way of God’s plans?

We often think we know what’s best for us, but the Universe’s divine plan always transcends our own.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to throw your agendas, planners, and to-do lists in the trash. 

It simply means you need to stay open to creative possibilities.

Be open to exploring new ways of doing things and don’t sweat it when you have to take a detour.

Recognize that whatever comes your way is leading you toward solutions of the highest good.

Step 3: Pray For The Highest Good For All

man praying

The third step to detaching from your manifestation is to pray for the highest food for all.

Instead of asking the Universe to give you what you want, ask the Universe to give you what will serve the highest good for everyone.

This prayer opens you up to creative possibilities and spiritual solutions that you would have ignored in the past.

By praying for the highest good for all, you will be able to detach from the outcome that you think you need, so you can receive something even better.

Use this prayer to release your control and pray for the highest good: “Universe, I surrender my timelines, agendas, and desires to you. I’m open to creative possibilities and I welcome solutions of the highest good for all.

While you are waiting for your manifestation, keep your vibration high using these I Am affirmationsprayers to the Universe, or affirmation cards to detach from the outcome and maintain your vibrational alignment with what you want.