5 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine More Spiritual

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5 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine More Spiritual

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Your morning routine is the most important part of your day. Why? Because how you start your day will dictate your mood and energy for the day. Your energy is sacred because your energy is your point of attraction. Positive energy will attract positive outcomes and negative energy will attract negative outcomes. This is why it’s so important to start your day off in high-vibe energy. Incorporating spirituality into your morning routine is the best way to realign with the loving energy of the Universe. When you are aligned with the high-vibe Universal energy, you can receive spiritual guidance and co-create your reality with the loving force of the Universe. Here are 5 Ways To Make Your Morning Routine More Spiritual.

Draw an Affirmation Card

Step back and let the Universe select your affirmation of the day by using an affirmation card deck like the Super Attractor 52-Card Deck by Gabrielle Bernstein. This step is the favorite part of my spiritual morning routine. You shuffle the deck of cards and allow your intuition to pick a random card. The affirmation on the card will be your mantra for the day. This practice is super fun and it’s crazy how you always seem to receive the affirmation you need for that day. Sometimes, a card may randomly fall out when you are shuffling and you can trust that as a sign from the Universe.

Super Attractor Affirmations Card Deck

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Make a Morning Drink That Feels Good

Start the day by making your favorite morning drink. Whether it be coffee, tea, or a green juice, you have to feel good when enjoying this drink. After all, feeling good is the first step to aligning with the loving energy of the Universe. Instead of forcing yourself to drink that hot water with lemon, make your favorite matcha latte, and enjoy every sip to start your morning off with high-vibe energy.

Read About Spirituality

Another way to incorporate spirituality into your morning routine is to read a passage from your favorite spiritual teacher. I recommend a light, easy read like Good Vibes, Good Life by Vex King, or Miracles Now by Gabrielle Bernstein so you can get in a quick spiritual lesson before you start the day. These books are easy to read and each chapter is a bite-sized lesson on spirituality.  If reading books doesn’t resonate with you, you can learn about spirituality through other formats such as podcasts like Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations or videos like the teachings from Abraham Hicks.

Listen to an Ambient Playlist

Instrumental playlists like Spotify’s Yoga & Meditation Playlist is the perfect backdrop for your spiritual morning routine. I always go to these playlists when I want to quickly return to a state of peace and calmness. Play this in the background while you are reciting affirmations, doing yoga, or during the workday.

Answer Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude is the highest vibration energy you can be in, so it’s always good to give thanks for all that you have in your life. One common issue many spiritual seekers face with gratitude journaling is it can get repetitive appreciating the same things over and over again. This is where gratitude journal prompts shines by adding some variety into your gratitude routine. Start your day by taking 5 minutes to answer a journal prompt for self-love and reflect on the positive things in your life. Our Five-Minute Gratitude Journal contains 52 weeks of curated journal prompts to help you cultivate self-love and gratitude through the power of journaling.

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