50 Law of Attraction Quotes From Feeling Good by Kenneth Wong

Feeling Good by Kenneth Wong reveals the secret to manifesting. Manifesting is not about what you do, but how you feel. Your external circumstances are always direct reflections of your internal state. In other words, you always manifest the emotions you feel. Therefore, feeling good is a prerequisite to manifesting what you want. Not the other way around. And feeling good is what this book is all about.

In this book, you’ll learn to:

  • Manifest your desires using a practical 5-step method
  • Shift your energy and discard limiting beliefs
  • Tap into a higher power of your own understanding
  • Claim joy, love, and well-being as your birthright
  • Make feeling good your highest priority

Through reading this book, you will come to learn that manifesting is not just about getting what you want. But rather a moment-by-moment practice of choosing better-feeling thoughts, so that you can manifest what is of the highest good for all.

This book is more than just a guide on teaching you how to feel good. It’s about reclaiming it – for the ability to feel good never left you. You just need to remember it. It’s time to get out of your own way and rediscover the hidden power within you.

Scroll down and read 50 quotes from Feeling Good by Kenneth Wong.

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50 Quotes From Feeling Good by Kenneth Wong

  1. Manifesting is not about what you do, but how you feel.

  2. Our external circumstances are always direct reflections of our internal state. When you shift your perception, the world around you shifts accordingly.

  3. You must feel good before you can manifest. Not the other way around.

  4. When you commit to make feeling good your highest priority, you will manifest everything you desire and more.

  5. Manifesting is a spiritual way of life that involves aligning your thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the loving force of the Universe, who then works with you to co-create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  6. The moment you reclaim your ability to feel good is the moment you unlock the door to manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  7. The number one key to manifesting is to feel good. You manifest what you feel, not what you want or what you do.

  8. Feeling good is not a privilege, it is your birthright.

  9. The moment you reclaim your ability to feel good is the moment you unlock the door to manifesting a life beyond your wildest dreams.

  10. The ego may be good at manipulating your thoughts, but your inner guide absolutely dominates when it comes to your feelings.

  11. Your job is not to dissect the who, what, when, where, how of your limiting beliefs. Because you can’t fix something that you didn’t cause in the first place. The only thing you are responsible for is holding on to them.

  12. It’s not that your manifestation didn’t come. It’s just that your manifestation hasn’t come yet.

  13. Your job is not to force the manifestation to happen, but to align with the Universe through feeling good, and simply allow the manifestations to come to you as you cultivate your spiritual connection.

  14. The most beautiful and effortless manifestations do not come through force but through spiritual surrender and unwavering faith in a higher power.

  15. The number one thing to remember when using affirmations is it’s all about how they make you feel. Affirmations only work when you believe in what you are saying.

  16. Listening to the voice of your intuition is not something you learn; rather, it is an unlearning of the limiting beliefs you picked up along the way. A return to form that’s been a long time coming.

  17. A lot of people are hesitant to set boundaries because they are under the limiting belief that it is unkind or mean to do so. But boundaries are there to protect not only your energy but also the energy of everyone around you. So, setting boundaries is actually one of the most loving things you can do for your loved ones.

  18. Make forgiveness your mantra. Forgive generously and forgive quickly. Forgiveness is the quickest way back to love.

  19. Every time you disengage from the ego and lean toward your inner guide, you strengthen your ability to protect your vibrations. You may still get sucked into negative thoughts from time to time, but the miracle is you will no longer believe in them.

  20. The more you appreciate the miracles in your life, the more miracles will manifest in your life. This is simply how the manifestation process works.

  21. Being spiritual doesn’t guarantee that you will never have to face an obstacle again. But what it does guarantee is that you will never have to face an obstacle alone again.

  22. When you have unwavering faith in the Universe, you can choose to see your perceived obstacles with a loving lens.

  23. When you let love lead the way, you will be able to turn obstacles into opportunities, difficulties into lessons, and enemies into assignments.

  24. You will no longer live in the darkness with fleeting moments of light. Instead, you will live in the light with fleeting moments of darkness.

  25. Everyone goes through ups and downs in life, but the factor that determines whether you succumb or overcome obstacles lies in how you choose to perceive them.

  26. When you shift your perspective from fear to love, your external reality may not change right away. But the way you experience your external reality changes immediately.

  27. Forgiveness is the antidote to pain and suffering.

  28. It is often said that we are more afraid of our light than our darkness.

  29. The voice of your inner critic may be loud, but the voice of your intuition is even louder if you choose to listen to it.

  30. When you make feeling good your highest priority, you can just sit back and let the Universe catch up with your dreams.

  31. The key to following your passion is to let your intuition guide you toward what feels good.

  32. Just like how everyone has their own likes and dislikes, everyone has their own passion and purpose in life. And the only way to know that purpose is to listen to that still small voice within you.

  33. Many people have the misunderstanding that your passion must be something that you are good at. But you can’t get better at something until you know what that “something” is.

  34. The longer you resist your intuition, the longer you wait until you discover your passion.

  35. The only way to find your passion is to stop pushing and start feeling. You don’t need to search for your passion because it is already within you. All you need to do is listen to your inner wisdom and lean into the things that bring you joy.

  36. The key to using comparison for good is to turn it into inspiration instead.

  37. The best way to find your passion is to stop complaining about where you currently are and start focusing on where you want to be instead.

  38. When your thoughts are consumed by regrets about the past, you assume that negative energy in the present and you block the opportunities that are in the future.

  39. Embrace the fact that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Honor your path for giving you direction on where you should be headed to instead.

  40. Following your passion is not just about serving you. It’s about serving the world.

  41. Following your passion is not about what you do, it’s about who you become.

  42. Every time you ignore that gentle tug from your intuition, you are not only doing a great disservice to yourself but also those around you. Now is the time to stop chasing and start listening. The world is waiting for you to follow your passion.

  43. When you commit to the practice of feeling good, you become a flashlight in a sea of darkness.

  44. A lightworker’s job is not to preach or convince other people to follow their spiritual practices. A lightworker’s only job is to simply be the light. Let your light shine so brightly that those who are lost in the darkness can’t help but come to you to learn how they too can bear this light.

  45. Your spiritual practice is like the sun. The sun does not need to announce its light to the world; it simply shines and everything in the solar system benefits from it.

  46. It can be frustrating to watch the people in your life get stuck in vicious cycles, but those recurring obstacles may just be what they need to surrender to a higher power.

  47. Your story doesn’t have to be life-changing or painful in order to make an impact. All experiences are inherently valuable. What matters is the authenticity and passion you bring to your listeners. Let your vibes speak louder than your words.

  48. The moment you decide to embark on a spiritual path, it becomes a lifelong journey.

  49. Every new belief that you learn and every limiting belief that you unlearn brings you closer and closer to the truth of who you are – which is love.

  50. When you remember that feeling good is your birthright, you realign with the higher power that exists within you, and creative solutions will be revealed to you.

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