How To Have Faith In The Universe

Do you want to strengthen your faith in the Universe? Read this blog post to learn 5 ways to have more faith in the Universe.

What Does It Mean To Have Faith In The Universe?

Faith looks different for everyone but the feeling is mutual. No matter what you choose to believe in (whether you believe in God, the Universe, Source, etc.), faith in a higher power makes you feel guided, protected, and safe.

By surrendering to a power greater than you, you allow the Universe do to for you what you cannot do for yourself.

Rather than obsessing over the plans, the timelines, and the agendas, you have faith that the Universe is leading you toward solutions of the highest good for all.

Here are 5 things you can do to strengthen your faith in the Universe.

1. Create A Miracle Log

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The first way to have more faith in the Universe is to create a Miracle Log.

I talk in-depth about this practice in my book, Feeling Good, but a Miracle Log is a journal for you to record all the miracles you experience in your life (no matter how small or how insignificant they may seem.)

Miracles are happening all around you all the time, but many of us fail to notice them because of our negative bias.

We are often hyperfocused on the areas of lack and fear that we lose sight of all the good that is in our lives.

This is why we must consciously redirect our attention back to all the good in our lives in order to restore our ability to see miracles.

Whenever you experience a miracle, synchronicity, or manifestation, write it down in your Miracle Log.

All these journal entries will serve as your spiritual proof and you are indeed being guided by a force greater than you.

Whenever you feel out of alignment with the Universe and doubt starts to show up, turn to your Miracle Log and quickly restore your fear to faith.

My Law of Attraction Planner’s Miracle Log Worksheet is the perfect place to record your miracles.

2. Welcome Spiritual Guidance

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The second way to have more faith in the Universe is to welcome spiritual guidance.

The Universe is constantly responding to your vibration and sending you loving guidance.

But in order to receive this guidance, you must be willing to hear it.

Many times we block the guidance because we think that we can handle it or we believe that our plan is the best.

This controlling energy is what blocks us from receiving guidance from the Universe.

Instead of relying on your own strength, use this prayer to welcome spiritual guidance from the Universe, “I call on guidance of the highest truth and compassion to enter into this space right now. I’m ready to step back and let the Universe lead the way. Thank you.

This is a powerful prayer that will help you practice spiritual surrender and become more receptive to universal guidance.

3. Follow Your Intuition

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The third way to have more faith in the Universe is to follow the guidance from your intuition.

Your intuition, or your higher self, is the wiser part of you that’s connected to the spiritual realm.

It is always guiding you toward the next best thought, feeling, and action that will make you feel good.

This is why people are naturally drawn to things that light them up. Intuition uses good-feeling emotions to lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be.

But unfortunately, many of us were raised to lean toward logic rather than intuition.

This causes a disconnect between ourselves and our soul purpose in life.

So we must consciously retrain ourselves to honor and follow the loving guidance from our higher self.

Start small by following the tiny impulses that draw you toward a certain activity, person, or career.

As you learn to rely on your intuition more and more, it will become second nature to act in accordance with your highest truth.

4. Perceive Obstacles As Redirection

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The fourth way to have more faith in the Universe is to be willing to perceive obstacles as redirection.

Obstacles are one of the biggest enemies of our faith in a higher power.

But obstacles are here to direct us to something better or to reveal to us the parts that we still to heal within ourselves.

Perhaps that breakup is an opportunity to work on your self-love.

Maybe that job loss is a chance for you to pivot into a career you’re truly passionate about.

Every obstacle can be perceived as spiritual guidance if we are willing to see the lesson behind it.

Instead of letting obstacles take down your faith, use them as opportunities to strengthen your trust in the Universe.

The next time an obstacle shows up, ask yourself this question: “What is this here to teach me?

Show up for the assignment with grace and you will attract the solutions that you need.

5. Let The Universe Show You What To Do

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The final way to have more faith in the Universe is to do nothing and let the Universe show you what to do.

If you’re tried everything—affirmations, journaling, meditation yet you still feel out of alignment with the Universe, there’s a good chance you need to slow down with your spiritual practice.

Trusting the Universe should always feel good and intuitive.

If your feel like your spiritual practice is starting to feel like a chore, that’s a sign that you need to take a break and do nothing.

Sift through your spiritual practices and only select the ones that resonate with you the most.

If you really enjoy praying to the Universe, do it more often.

If you actually hate scripting, skip it.

Remember that your spiritual practice is supposed to be fun, easy, and effortless.

It’s not about how many spiritual practices you do, it’s about the high vibrational energy you feel when you’re in the zone.

How Long Does It Take To Develop Faith In The Universe?

It takes at least 40 days of practice to develop your faith in the Universe.

After doing these 5 practices for 40 days, you should find it much easier to believe in the loving support of the Universe.

Remember that you always attract what you believe.

When you fully believe that the Universe has your back, you will feel supported no matter what.

How To Believe In The Universe Completely

If you want to believe in the Universe completely, you must surrender everything to the Universe.

Give up what you think you need and allow the Universe to reveal to you what you need to do.

Trust that your intuition has all the wisdom you need to not only survive but thrive in this world.

Know that you are a divine extension of universal source energy and nothing that you do or don’t do will change this truth.

How To Have Faith In The Universe During Hard Times

If you want to have faith in the Universe during hard times, you must take your attention away from the problem and focus on the solution instead.

You do not need to know what the solution will be.

All you have to do is to trust that whatever you focus on you will attract.

Visualize how your life would be as if your problem was already taken care of and allow your vision to turn into reality.