88 Money Affirmations For Wealth and Abundance

Want to attract more abundance into your life? Use these 88 money affirmations to manifest wealth today.

According to the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration, you manifest outcomes that are a vibrational match for your energy.

So if you want to attract wealth into your life, you must get into vibrational alignment with the energy of abundance.

And affirmations help you do just that! Money affirmations help you manifest more money by recalibrating your energy into the high-frequency energy of abundance. 

In this positive high-vibe state, you are in the perfect position to manifest wealth and prosperity.

Read below for 88 money affirmations that work.

Fun Fact: The number 888 is the Angel Number that represents abundance.

88 Affirmations For Money

piggy bank and money

  1. I am a magnet for money.
  2. Money comes to me in unexpected ways.
  3. I am willing to shift my mentality from lack to abundance.
  4. I am worthy of making more money.
  5. I am open and receptive to all the opportunities the Universe offers me.
  6. I embrace new avenues of making money.
  7. I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth into my life.
  8. I choose to release all of my limiting beliefs over money.
  9. Money comes to me effortlessly.
  10. I use money to better my life and the lives of those around me.
  11. When I embody the energy of abundance, I become abundant.
  12. My inspired actions create prosperity.
  13. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.
  14. My energy of abundance attracts opportunities that create more money.
  15. Money helps elevate me and those around me.
  16. Financial abundance brings me joy and comfort.
  17. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.
  18. Money and love can be friends.
  19. I am open to reorganizing my limiting beliefs around money.
  20. I believe in a world of abundance.
  21. I am open to creative opportunities for financial abundance.
  22. I am ready and willing to pursue new avenues for earning money.
  23. I trust I will receive what I need when I need it.
  24. I am being led toward solutions of the highest good for all.
  25. I forgive this lack mentality I have placed upon myself.
  26. I choose to focus my attention on what I do have rather than what I don’t have.
  27. I am willing to rearrange my limiting beliefs on money so I can live an abundant life.
  28. Wanting more for others puts me into the energy of abundance.
  29. I celebrate other people’s abundance as my own.
  30. I live in a world where opportunities are infinite and abundant.
  31. I attract money to me easily and effortlessly.
  32. I am a money magnet.
  33. I release all resistance to attracting money.
  34. I accept and receive unexpected money.
  35. I am a magnet for money. Prosperity is drawn to me.
  36. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.
  37. Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  38. My finances improve beyond my dreams.
  39. I am attracting money at this very moment.
  40. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life brings me.
  41. I attract money happily in my life.
  42. I attract money beyond my wildest dreams.
  43. I am open to receiving money in my life.
  44. The more I focus on joy, the more money I will make.
  45. I attract money to give to others.
  46. My income is growing higher and higher.
  47. I am an excellent money manager.
  48. I attract money happily in my life.
  49. I attract money easily and effortlessly.
  50. Money is energy, and it flows into my life constantly.
  51. Money flows to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  52. I have the power to attract wealth and money into my life.
  53. Money is abundant, and I attract it naturally.
  54. Money is unlimited, and my prosperity is unlimited.
  55. Money is pouring into my life.
  56. An abundance of money is flowing into my life right now.
  57. I’m ready to allow abundance and growth into my life.
  58. I have everything I need within me now.
  59. I am grateful for all that I already have.
  60. Everything I spend comes back to me, tenfold.
  61. Fear does not control my choices and decisions.
  62. Money abundantly embraces me in all avenues of my life. 
  63. I reclaim my power by releasing old energy and welcoming new energy.
  64. I have a healthy and impactful relationship with money. 
  65. I embrace a life of joy, happiness, wealth, and prosperity with open arms.
  66. I am actively paving the road to financial freedom and success.
  67. I am an open channel for money to flow easily to me. 
  68. My mind is a powerful magnet for wealth and abundance.
  69. Money flows to me freely as I move through this world.
  70. I will attain all the riches that I desire with time.
  71. I am on my way to becoming wealthy.
  72. I choose to focus on money flowing to me with ease.
  73. I can see examples of abundance all around.
  74. Money chooses me, always.
  75. I visualize myself having money, and I receive more money.
  76. Money is drawn to me, always.
  77. Money simply falls into my lap.
  78. I attract wealth to me from all directions.
  79. I attract massive amounts of money to me.
  80. I breathe in abundance.
  81. I allow prosperity to flow into my life.
  82. I release all negative energy over money.
  83. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.
  84. Wealth constantly flows into my life.
  85. I use money to improve my life.
  86. I have more than enough money.
  87. I have the tools to achieve financial freedom. 
  88. I welcome unlimited wealth and abundance into my life.

Do Money Affirmations Work?

woman counting money

Money affirmations absolutely do work! Affirmations for money are designed to gently replace the limiting beliefs in your mind with more positive ones.

Some common limiting beliefs around money are:

  • I don’t have enough money
  • I’m not good at managing money
  • It’s hard to make money
  • I’m always in debt
  • Money is the root of all evil

Limiting beliefs affirms the lack of money in your life and block you from accessing the infinite abundance that is available in the universe.

By replacing these negative beliefs with empowering affirmations for abundance, you unblock your resistance to wealth and allow money to come into your life.

How To Write Affirmations For Money

Man Wearing Bonnet and Hoodie

If you’re new to affirmations, you can follow these 5 steps on how to use affirmations to get started.

But the number one thing to remember when using positive affirmations is it’s all about how you feel. 

Affirmations work the best when you actually believe in what you are saying. Don’t just recite affirmations just for the sake of doing it.

Choose a few that resonate with you and actually imagine how you feel if you lived out the affirmation.

If reciting an affirmation brings you a sense of relief, then you are on the right track to harnessing the power of positive affirmations.

Try writing affirmations for yourself. No one knows you and your circumstances better than you! I strongly believe that the most powerful affirmations are the affirmations you write for yourself.

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