How To Manifest On A New Moon In 3 Steps

Want to manifest on a new moon? Here’s how to manifest on a new moon in 3 steps.

A new moon is the start of a new lunar cycle so it symbolizes new beginnings.

The new moon is the perfect time to release stagnant energy and manifest positive changes into your life.

Follow these 3 steps below as part of your manifestation ritual on the next new moon.

Not sure when the next new moon is? Use Time and Date’s Calendar to track the next full moon.

1. Release Negative Energy

The first step to manifest on a new moon is to release all the negative energy you are carrying.

To manifest positive experiences into your life, you must release all the negative thoughts that no longer serve you.

These stagnant energies may be limiting beliefs from your childhood, negative thought patterns, or people you need to forgive and move on from.

Write it all down into a piece of paper and then burn it to release it into the ethers.

2. Declare Your Manifestation

How To Manifest On A New Moon In 3 Steps

The second step to manifest on a new moon is to declare your manifestation.

Pick one thing you want to manifest and write it down in your manifestation journal.

Be specific and describe your desire in detail.

Write about how good this desire makes you feel and how it elevates your energy.

This will help you visualize your desire and get into vibrational alignment with it.

Support your desire with positive energy by describing your intention behind the desire.

If the reason you want to manifest something is backed by negative energy like jealousy, then you’ll attract negative experiences.

But if the reason you want to manifest something is backed by positive energy like joy, then you will attract positive experiences.

If you are unsure whether your energy is positive or negative, read my blog post on the Emotional Guidance Scale.

3. Surrender Through Prayer

man praying

The final step to manifest on a new moon is to surrender your manifestation through prayer.

Use this prayer to the Universe to complete your new moon ritual, “Universe, I let go of all thoughts that no longer serve me. I welcome guidance, wisdom, and creative possibilities.”

There’s no need to be intimidated by praying because it is just a way to communicate with the Universe.

The Universe is always responding to your energy—whether you are aware of it or not.

Every prayer is fully received and answered.

After you pray, all that’s left to do is to stay in high vibration and receive all the wonderful goodness that is making its way to you.

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