The Best 5 Step Manifestation Morning Routine

Start manifesting what you want the second you wake up by creating a manifestation morning routine.

Why Should You Manifest In The Morning?

Mornings are the best time for getting into vibrational alignment with your desire because you’ve just spent the whole night sleeping in a state of non-resistance.

By the time you wake up, your energy is in a neutral state which means you have the opportunity to raise your vibration by leaning toward positivity or lower your vibration by leaning toward negativity.

The best way to ensure you start the day with positivity is to create your own high-vibe morning routine.

What Is A Manifestation Morning Routine?

A manifestation morning routine is a set of practices that you do every morning to get you into vibrational alignment with what you want.

Vibrational alignment means that you believe that you can have your desire no matter what.

By getting into vibrational alignment with your desire first thing in the morning, you set yourself up in the best position to receive your manifestation throughout the day.

Follow these 5 steps and create the best morning routine for manifestation.

1. Say Thank You

Man Wearing Bonnet and Hoodie

The first step in your manifestation morning routine is to say thank you as soon as you wake up.

Don’t go on your phone. Don’t stress over your to-dos. Don’t look at your emails.

Just wake up and express gratitude for what is.

Thank the Universe for a brand new day. Thank your body for working the way it is intended to. Thank your bed for giving you a comfortable place to sleep.

This step is so easy but it is such a game-changer.

Start your day with a big dose of appreciation (which is the emotion with the highest vibration according to the Emotional Guidance Scale) and watch the miracles unfold.

2. Make Your Morning Drink

tray with coffee in a mug

The second step in your manifestation morning routine is to make your morning drink of choice.

For me, a strong cup of hazelnut coffee is a must-have. For you, it may be a cup of tea, matcha, or lemon water.

Some people force themselves to drink something they don’t like just because it is “healthy” or “good for them”, but that can actually lower your energetic vibration because you are doing something that is out of alignment with your inner guidance system.

So my advice is to go for whatever beverage you love and enjoy it.

Savor every sip of it and cultivate a sense of appreciation for whatever you’re drinking.

When you actually take the time to taste the beverage you’re drinking, you cultivate a deep sense of presence within you.

And the more connected you are with the present moment, the easier it will be for you to raise your vibration and achieve vibrational alignment with what you want to manifest.

3. Pray To Your Higher Power

Woman in A Colorful Knitted Shirt And Gray Headwear

The third step in your manifestation morning routine is to pray to your higher power.

Your higher power is the God of your own understanding. You can pray to the Universe, God, or your Higher Self – whatever name resonates with you.

As I explain in my online course for manifesting, prayer is just an affirmation on steroids.

It’s a more powerful version of an affirmation because you are declaring the positive statement to yourself and your higher power.

My favorite morning prayer goes something like this, “Universe, thank you for this brand new day. I remember that joy is my birthright. I’m open to receiving universal guidance, spiritual solutions, and creative ideas. Reveal to me what I need to know. Thank you.”

Feel free to use my prayer or create your own. I also have a blog post that has 10 more prayers to the Universe you can use.

4. Read A Self-Help Book

The fourth step in your manifestation morning routine is to read a self-help book that you love.

Reading self-help books is the perfect activity to start your day with because these books are designed to help you better your mind, body, and spirit.

And plus—if you want to become a better manifestor, what better way to start the day than to read a book about manifesting?

Be open to learning about new concepts and welcome the Universe’s guidance as you take in the lessons on the pages.

If you’re not sure what to read, here are my top 10 books on manifestations and 21 new self-help books to read this year.

I also published my own book on manifestation called Feeling Good: The Secret To Manifesting. I wrote this book as a guide for new seekers who want to learn how to manifest from start to finish.

5. Draw an Affirmation Card

woman shuffling affirmation cards

The final step in your manifestation morning routine is to draw an affirmation card and make the affirmation your mantra for the day.

Affirmation cards are one of my favorite ways to ask the Universe for guidance.

Simply shuffle the deck while saying a prayer, and then pick a random card out of the deck.

The message on the card will serve as your mantra for the day.

By turning to affirmation cards for guidance, you redirect your attention away from the physical plane and into the spiritual realm.

The moment you surrender to spiritual solutions, you allow yourself to receive inspired and creative guidance from the Universe.

Follow my 5-step guide to learn how to use affirmation cards.

Do Manifestation Routines Work?

Yes. Manifestation routines work for manifesting your desires.

The reason why manifestation routines help you manifest is that they help you rewire your mind to believe that it is possible for you to have what you want.

Most of us tend to think negatively and therefore we sabotage our desires with our thoughts which prevents them from manifesting.

By following a strict morning routine, you can reprogram your mind to think in a more positive way that supports your manifestation.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Using A Manifestation Routine?

It takes at least 40 days of consistent adherence to your manifestation routine to form a habit of thinking more positively.

After doing your Law of Attraction routine for 40 days, you should find it much easier to believe in the possibility of your desire.

Remember that you always attract what you believe.

When you fully believe that your desire is on its way, it will show up eventually.