3 Ways To Trust The Universe

Want to strengthen your trust in the Universe? Read this blog post to learn 3 ways to trust the Universe.

Trust is not something that comes easily to most of us.

Living in this day and age, many of us have built up walls and boundaries to others—including the Universe—which makes it hard to have faith in things outside of ourselves.

But the good news is trust is something that you can work on and develop.

The more you surrender yourself to a power greater than you, the easier it will be to trust that you are being taken care of by the Universe—even when times get challenging.

Try these 3 ways below to build more trust in the Universe.

1. Clarify What Trust Looks Like

woman writing

The first way to trusting the Universe is to clarify what trust looks like to you.

A Course In Miracles says, “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.”

If you want to stop relying on your own strength, you must clarify what it looks like to lean on a higher power.

So take some time to clarify what trust means to you and how your life would be like if you had complete faith in the Universe.

Take out your manifestation journal and answer these three prompts below.

What would your life be like if you had complete trust in the Universe?

How would you act if you trust the Universe with all your heart?

How would you feel if you had absolute faith that you are being taken care of by the Universe?

Once you have written down your answers, read them over and let the positive feeling of faith and trust take over.

Whenever you find yourself doubting the Universe’s plan, turn to your journal to remind yourself how you want to feel and act.

2. Create Spiritual Proof

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The second way to build trust in the Universe is to create your own spiritual proof.

Spiritual proof is a collection of your own stories and experiences of how the Universe has supported, guided, and helped you in the past.

Spiritual proof serves your irrefutable evidence that you are indeed being guided by a higher power.

The best way to create spiritual proof is to write down every single manifestation in a Miracle Log, no matter how small or how insignificant the miracle may seem.

I talk in-depth about this practice in my book, Feeling Good, but a Miracle Log is a journal for you to record all the miracles you experience in your life.

We are often hyperfocused on the areas of lack and fear that we lose sight of all the good that is in our lives.

This is why we must consciously redirect our attention back to all the good in our lives in order to restore our ability to see miracles.

Whenever you experience a miracle, synchronicity, or manifestation, write it down in your Miracle Log.

All these journal entries will serve as your spiritual proof and you are indeed being guided by a force greater than you.

3. Let Other People’s Faith Inspire You

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The third way to strengthen your trust in the Universe is to let other people’s faith inspire you.

If you’re new to spirituality or you’re struggling to recall moments of support from the Universe in the past, you can borrow other people’s miracles to strengthen your faith.

Maybe you really resonate with a certain spiritual teacher and their teachings. Or you feel deeply moved by an inspirational talk or podcast you heard online.

Trust that your Higher Self guided you to these resources for a reason.

Let your teachers’ faith and trust in a higher power inspire you to develop a spiritual connection of your own.

Celebrate their miracles as your own.

Use their success and abundance as a reflection of what is possible when you live a life that is aligned with the love of the Universe.

Feel free to write these stories into your manifestation journal so that you are constantly reminded of just how groovy life can get when you have faith in a higher power.

As I teach in my manifestation course, the more positive stories you surround yourself with, the faster you allow positive outcomes to manifest in your life.