How To Manifest Your Specific Person (SP) In 5 Steps

Do you want to manifest your specific person? Follow these 5 steps to attract your sp into your life.

When it comes to manifesting, your thoughts affect the way that you feel which is your point of attraction.

Your point of attraction not only determines the people you attract but also the type of experiences you have with them.

The way they think, speak, and behave will change according to your point of attraction.

When you feel worried, you’ll attract an experience that supports your worry.

When you feel happy, you’ll attract an experience that supports your happiness.

Everything that you attract is a vibrational match to your point of attraction, there are no exceptions to the Law of Attraction.

So if you want to attract your specific person into your life, you must start by shifting your point of attraction by changing your thoughts.

1. Identify Your Dominant Thoughts About Your Specific Person

woman writing

The first step to manifesting your specific person is to identify the dominant thoughts that you’re thinking when it comes to your sp.

These thoughts can be specific to your sp, or they can be on love and romantic relationships in general.

When you think about your sp, what are the thoughts that come into your mind?

This is your chance to brain dump and lay everything out on the table.

You can’t find the solution unless you know what the problem is.

The key here is you must be honest and raw. 

Don’t be afraid to bring up past wounds, hurtful experiences, and trauma.

True healing occurs when you become brave enough to look at your wounds.

Don’t overthink this step and just let it all out.


  • Why are they still not talking to me?
  • I can’t believe they left me.
  • I want them back.
  • I’m not sure if I can manifest them back.
  • I love being with them.
  • I would like to be in a relationship again.
  • Why is this so hard?
  • I’m starting to doubt myself…

2. Identify Your Dominant Feelings About Your SP

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The second step to manifesting your specific person is to identify your dominant feeling which is your point of attraction.

Read through the thoughts you wrote down and identify the feelings and emotions that you feel most often.

What emotions come up when you think about your sp?

Do you feel joyful and optimistic? Or do you feel worried and anxious?

Once you have identified your dominant feeling, use the Emotional Guidance Scale to locate the vibration of your point of attraction.

Your goal is to slowly shift your point of attraction upwards so you are constantly at the top of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

3. Change Your Point of Attraction Using Visualization

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The third step to manifesting your specific person is to change your point of attraction using manifestation techniques.

The goal of all manifestation techniques is to help you change the direction of your thoughts, which changes the way you feel and shifts your point of attraction.

One of the best manifestation techniques for this is visualization.

Every single thought changes the way you feel and shifts your point of attraction.

It doesn’t matter if the thought is “real” or imagined, it works just the same.

Every day, you want to spend at least 5 minutes visualizing your desired manifestation.

Think about your specific person and your dream scenario with them.

Only focus on the positive aspects of your sp.

Think about how amazing they are, how beautiful they are, how funny they are.

Think about all the fun things you can do, think about the passion, think about the love.

Have fun with your imagination and allow your thoughts to evoke positive emotions naturally.

When you start to feel positive emotions, you’ll want to reach for more.

The better you feel, the higher your point of attraction is.

Continue to marinate in your positive emotions until the 5 minutes are up.

Keep in mind that there are so many more manifestation techniques available for you to try.

My favorites include positive affirmationsFocus Wheelprayers to the UniverseBook of Positive Aspects, and meditation.

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to manifestation techniques, so try them all out and choose the ones that feel good to you.

Manifestation techniques should never feel like a chore or hard work.

They should feel relaxed and enjoyable.

4. Track Your Point of Attraction Every Day

The fourth step to manifesting your specific person is to track your point of attraction every day.

Use a journal or calendar to track the dominant emotion that you’re feeling every day.

Remember that your point of attraction is equivalent to your emotions.

Again, you need to be honest here and express how you truly feel.

The purpose of this is to track your progress.

As you practice your visualization, your point of attraction will become more and more positive.

5. Repeat Until Your Point of Attraction Aligns With What You WantCouple embracing near bushes on city street

The final step to manifesting your specific person is to repeat steps 1-4 every day until your point of attraction aligns with what you want.

If you want to manifest love, your point of attraction must be at love.

You want to get to the point where you only think loving thoughts about your SP and thus feel nothing but love for your SP.

You want to raise your point of attraction so high that it becomes effortless for your point of attraction to be at love, joy, and appreciation—all of which are emotions at the top of the Emotional Guidance Scale.

It takes dedication to change to shift your point of attraction.

But when you change your point of attraction, everything in your reality will change along with it.

This process is backed by the Law of Attraction and the Law of Assumption.

You will see results if you follow the steps in this guide.