How To Manifest With Hypnosis In 5 Steps

Does hypnosis work for manifestation? The answer is YES. This blog post will teach you how to manifest with hypnosis in 5 steps.

Can You Use Hypnosis To Manifest?

Yes. You can use hypnosis to manifest what you want.

Hypnosis works for manifestation because it puts you into a trance-like state where you’re very receptive to positive statements that can shift your energy and help you attract your desires into your life.

Hypnosis works really well for people who struggle with stubborn limiting beliefs that hold them back from manifesting what they want.

How Does Hypnosis Work For Manifesting?

Hypnosis helps you temporarily suspend those old beliefs and allow newer, better, and more positive thoughts to influence your mind.

By raising your energy through hypnosis, you can manifest what you want by achieving vibrational alignment with your desire.

Follow these 5 steps below to manifest with hypnosis.

1. Choose One Thing To Manifest

girl thinking

The first step to manifesting with hypnosis is to choose one thing to manifest.

You probably have a million things you want to attract into your life, but as I teach in my manifestation course, the best way to manifest is to focus on one thing at a time.

Being crystal clear about one specific desire helps you cultivate the feeling of that experience and attract it into your reality.

So sift through your desires and select the one you want to focus on right now.

Write your desire down in your manifestation journal.

Not sure what you can manifest? Find inspiration from my list of 30 Things To Manifest this year.

2. Find A Hypnosis For Your Manifestation

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The second step to manifesting with hypnosis is to find a hypnosis video related to your manifestation.

There are a lot of free hypnosis videos on YouTube.

So go on there and search for one that’s designed specifically to manifest your desire.

For example, if you want to manifest money, you will want to search for a hypnosis video that’s used for manifesting financial abundance.

Let your intuition guide you to the video that best resonates with you.

If you are not a fan of the video-over or the background music, that’s a sign from the Universe that this video is not for you.

Keep searching until you find the hypnosis video you’re comfortable with.

Once you’ve found your hypnosis video, save it or favorite it so you can quickly access it.

3. Clear Away Negative Energy

man meditating

The third step to manifesting with hypnosis is to clear away all the negative energy you have picked up during the day.

According to the Law of Attraction, your energy is your point of attraction, which means it is always attracting objects, people, and situations that match its likeness.

As you go through your day, you will most likely have encountered situations that lower your energetic vibration.

Perhaps you had a busy day at work. Or someone was mean to you. Maybe a date didn’t go according to plan.

All of these situations can lower your vibration and the outcomes you are attracting.

So take some time to clear away this negative energy before you start your hypnosis session.

You can say a prayer to the Universe to reorganize your limiting beliefs.

You can practice spiritual surrender and ask the Universe to lead the way.

Or you can write in your manifestation journal.

Do whatever it takes to restore your energy back to positive emotions.

4. Go Into A Relaxed State

man lying down

The fourth step to manifesting with hypnosis is to go into a relaxed state.

Now that you have restored your energy to baseline, you are ready for your hypnosis session.

Lie down in your bed and put yourself into a relaxed state.

You may want to dim the lights, light a candle, and change into comfy clothes.

Close your eyes, and take 10 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Relax your body beginning at the top of your head to the bottom of your toes, one area at a time.

The more relaxed you are, the better your hypnosis will work.

5. Listen To Hypnosis For Manifesting

woman listening to hypnosis

The final step to manifesting with hypnosis is to listen to the hypnosis video you found in step 2.

Go back into your relaxed state and listen to the audio messages.

Suspend all disbelief and visualize yourself experiencing your desire as if it has already manifested.

Surrender to the positive messages and allow the words to move you.

Your mind may wander but that’s totally fine. Honor whatever comes up and gently guide your focus back to the hypnosis.

Continue this process until the hypnosis video ends or until you drift off into sleep.

Even if you fall asleep, the hypnosis will continue to work on your unconscious mind. So hypnosis is a good addition to your manifestation routine at night because it can actually help you manifest while you sleep.

If you prefer a more active hypnosis session, you can perform hypnosis as part of your manifestation morning routine to boost your energy and attract more miracles during the day.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest With Hypnosis?

It takes at least 40 days of consistent hypnosis therapy for you to form a habit of thinking more positively.

After listening to your hypnosis tape for 40 days, you should find it much easier to think and believe in the possibility of your desire.

Remember that you always attract what you believe.

When you fully believe that your desire is on its way, it will show up eventually.

Does Hypnosis Always Work For Manifesting?

Yes. Hypnosis always works for manifesting.

You are always manifesting whether you know it or not. Your subconscious thoughts are what are constantly manifesting in your reality.

So by using hypnosis to change your subconscious mind, you can change your reality.

Can You Enter Hypnosis On Your Own?

Yes. You can enter hypnosis on your own.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a certified hypnotherapist to enter into the state of hypnosis.

You can hypnotize yourself using free audio and videos found on the internet.

But if you’re having difficulties entering into hypnosis on your own, you will definitely benefit from the help of a hypnotherapist who can customize the hypnotherapy session to your needs.