How To Undo A Manifestation In 3 Steps

Do you want to reverse or cancel a manifestation? Here is how to undo a manifestation in steps.

You are always manifesting whether you want to or not.

It’s a continuous process so you can’t go back and unmanifest something in the traditional sense.

The only way to undo a manifestation is to manifest a more positive outcome in the future.

A new manifestation has the ability to override the effects of the past manifestation thereby undoing it.

Follow these 3 steps to undo your manifestation.

1. Forgive Yourself

woman praying

The first step to undoing a manifestation is to forgive yourself.

Don’t blame yourself for manifesting negative or things that you don’t want. It happens to all of us.

You can’t fight negativity with more negativity.

So the most loving thing you can do is to forgive yourself.

Love is the emotion with the highest vibrational frequency possible according to Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale. And forgiveness is the quickest way back to love.

Celebrate your desire to shift and use this moment as an opportunity to raise your vibration to a higher place.

Remember that it goes both ways. Just as you can manifest something bad, you can manifest something good to replace it.

Beating yourself up over a negative manifestation will only reinforce your negative energy which attracts even more negative experiences.

2. Affirm What You Want Instead

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The second step to undoing a manifestation is to affirm what you want instead.

Instead of trying to reverse the negative manifestation, direct your focus toward manifesting what you want.

Focusing on what you don’t want to happen only perpetuates the negative chain of events.

The best way to undo a manifestation is to affirm what you want instead of what you don’t want.

If you keep focusing on what is, you’re going to attract more of it into your reality.

But if you shift your focus toward what could be, you unlock the door to a realm of infinite possibilities and welcome creative possibilities from the Universe.

This shift in perception is what A Course In Miracles calls a miracle.

3. Redirect Your Energy Toward Positivity

woman smiling

The final step to undoing a manifestation is to redirect your energy toward a more positive vibration.

Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to identify your vibration and which emotion you should aim for reach for next.

Some simple but powerful ways to raise your vibration are to recite I Am affirmationspray to the Universe, and follow a manifestation meditation.

As I explain in my book Feeling Good, you always manifest what you feel.

When you take action to raise your vibration, you feel better.

And the better you feel right now, the more positive outcomes you will attract.

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