5 Signs The Universe Is Testing You

Do you ever wonder if the situation you’re in is a sign that the Universe is testing you? Well, that may very well be true. In fact, there are 5 major signs that the Universe is testing you.

Does The Universe Test You?

Yes. The Universe may test you throughout your life in order to help you grow as a person or heal a limiting belief.

These tests may show up in the form of a challenging situation, person, or event.

No one is exempt from being tested because none of us are perfect.

As long as we live in our physical bodies, we have something to learn and some wounds to heal.

Why Is The Universe Testing Me?

I know it can feel incredibly frustrating to be tested by the Universe, especially when you are in the middle of a very difficult situation.

But there is always light at the end of the tunnel if you choose to perceive this situation as something that is happening for you rather than to you.

Whatever form this test comes in, it is divinely placed into your life to help you grow into your greatness or heal an unresolved part of you.

It may feel natural to perceive these tests as obstacles, but the moment you recognize them as opportunities for growth, your life will transform for the better.

Instead of believing that the Universe is out here to get you, you can find peace knowing that the Universe is always conspiring for your highest good.

How to Know if the Universe is Testing You?

The only way to know if the Universe is testing you is to watch out for sudden changes in your life.

These changes usually have to deal with losses, the need to give up something you love, or things not going according to your plan.

The best way to deal with these tests from the Universe is to accept the assignment with grace.

Instead of going into panic mode, be willing to see that situation differently.

Ask yourself, “What is this teaching me? What do I have to learn from this?” Then listen to your intuition for the answer.

Your intuition is a channel for wisdom from the Universe. The answers you are seeking are already within you. Your only job is to listen to it and trust it.

Here are five signs the Universe is testing you.

1. Sudden Obstacles

man sitting on a stool

The first sign the Universe is testing you is to encounter sudden obstacles.

These obstacles may show up in the form of a person, an object, or a situation.

Whatever the form the obstacles come in, they can bring up a lot of fear and uncertainty because you have to throw your original plans out the window.

But what if these obstacles are actually the Universe’s way of redirecting you toward something even better?

You see, the main reason why the Universe places an obstacle in your life is to strengthen your capacity to transform your fear back to faith.

As self-help book author, Gabby Bernstein, wrote in her book The Universe Has Your Back, obstacles are just detours in the right direction.

When you shift your perception of a situation from obstacle to guidance, you have nothing to fear.

And plus, if you can manifest miracles even in the midst of challenging times, just imagine the things you can manifest when your life is thriving.

2. A Change of Plans

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The second sign the Universe is testing you is a sudden change of plans.

Many of us make plans and stick to ’em because they make us feel safe and in control.

We often think we know what’s best for us, but the Universe’s divine plan always transcends our own.

The danger of becoming too attached to your own plans is the risk of blocking yourself from receiving the greater plan the Universe has in store for you.

So when things don’t go according to your plan, it’s actually your opportunity to practice surrendering your plans to the Universe.

Now, this doesn’t mean you need to throw your agendas, planners, and to-do lists in the trash.

It simply means you need to stay open to creative possibilities.

Be open to exploring new ways of doing things and don’t sweat it when you have to take a detour.

Recognize that whatever comes your way is leading you toward solutions of the highest good.

3. The Need To Give Something Up

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The third sign the Universe is testing you is the need to give something up.

You know the saying, “out with the old, and in with the new?”

Well, that’s exactly how life works.

According to the Law of Giving and Receiving, you must be able to give up something in order to get something.

Now that “something” can look different for different people. It may be physical things like money, a job, old friendships, or intangible things like time, energy, and effort.

When a situation calls for you to give something up, that’s a sign that the Universe is testing your ability to let go of what you think you need.

Trust that when you give something to the world with positive intentions, you will receive it back tenfold.

4. Judgment From Other People

Couple walking on street with coffee cups

The fourth sign the Universe is testing you is an influx of judgment from other people.

Judgments from others reveal to you the areas in your life that still need to be healed.

A lot of the time, we project our own insecurities in our external reality which comes back to us in the form of judgment.

So the next time you’re faced with judgment from other people, look inward to see if you have been judging or criticizing yourself unconsciously.

Judgment from others can be a test from the Universe to strengthen your confidence and self-esteem.

So your lesson here is to become unapologetic about your desires and rise to your greatness.

Trust that your confidence and positive vibrations are enough to repel any judgment that’s coming your way.

5. Timing Delays

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The final sign the Universe is testing you is timing delays.

Many of us are so used to getting what we want instantly, that we expect the same result when we are manifesting our dreams and goals.

But this is not how manifestation works.

The fact that we can’t control the timing of our manifestations causes many manifestors to spiral down into fear and worry, which are low vibrational emotions according to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

Low vibrational energy throws you out of vibrational alignment with your desire so you block yourself from receiving your manifestation.

In order to receive your manifestation, you must be willing to surrender your timelines to the Universe.

So whenever you notice that things are not going according to your timelines, that’s your opportunity to lean on the Universe’s plan instead.

Release the timing and simply focus on raising your vibrations through your spiritual practices like using I am affirmations, affirmation cards, and prayers.

Trust that everything you need will come to you when the timing is right.

Does The Universe Test You Before A Manifestation?

Yes. The Universe can test you before a manifestation. The reason we often encounter obstacles before we manifest what we want is because our limiting beliefs get triggered big time whenever something good is about to happen.

When we are on the cusp of manifesting our desire, thoughts of unworthiness can start to creep in.

We may think thoughts like, “Who am I to do this? Who am I to have this? Who am I to be great?”

These thoughts throw you out of alignment with what you want and you begin to attract experiences that prove your unworthiness.

So it’s very important to see these obstacles as divine lessons instead.

When you are able to perceive difficult situations as something that is happening for you to help you grow, you will overcome your limiting beliefs and stop attracting their essence.

Why Does The Universe Test Your Patience?

Here are a few reasons why the universe might test your patience:

  1. Personal Growth: The universe often presents challenges as opportunities for personal growth. Overcoming obstacles can make you stronger, more resilient, and wiser.
  2. Redirecting Your Path: Sometimes, the universe tests your patience to guide you onto a different path. It might be steering you away from something that isn’t right for you or leading you toward a better opportunity.
  3. Lessons in Resilience: Life’s challenges can teach you valuable lessons in resilience and adaptability. These qualities are essential for navigating the ups and downs of life.
  4. Testing Your Commitment: Tests from the universe can also determine how committed you are to your goals and dreams. They help you evaluate whether your desires are strong enough to endure adversity.

Tips For Dealing With Tests From The Universe

Now that we understand why the universe might test your patience, let’s explore some practical tips for handling these challenges effectively:

  1. Stay Calm and Mindful: When faced with a test from the universe, take a deep breath and stay calm. Mindfulness meditation can help you stay centered and reduce stress.
  2. Embrace the Challenge: Rather than resisting or complaining about the situation, try to embrace the challenge. Acknowledge it as an opportunity for growth.
  3. Seek Support: Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, family, or a therapist for support and guidance during tough times.
  4. Learn from the Experience: Every challenge offers a valuable lesson. Reflect on what you can learn from the experience and how you can apply those lessons in the future.
  5. Maintain a Positive Outlook: A positive attitude can go a long way in overcoming challenges. Focus on the silver linings and the potential for positive change.
  6. Set Realistic Expectations: Sometimes, the universe tests your patience when you’re striving for unrealistic goals. Be open to adjusting your expectations and plans.

Can The Universe Be Against You?

It’s essential to understand that the universe is not actively working against you. The challenges and tests you face are not personal attacks but rather opportunities for growth and transformation. Instead of viewing these tests as adversarial, consider them as stepping stones on your journey to personal development and self-discovery.


Dealing with tests from the universe can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. By staying calm, embracing the challenges, seeking support, and maintaining a positive outlook, you can navigate these tests with grace and resilience. Remember, the universe is not against you; it is merely presenting you with opportunities to become the best version of yourself. Embrace the journey, learn from the experiences, and grow through the tests life throws your way.