How To Set An Intention For Manifestation In 3 Steps

Want to learn how to properly set an intention for your manifestation? You’ve come to the right place. Follow this blog post to learn how to set attention for manifestation in 3 steps.

When it comes to manifesting, your intention matters more than your desire.

Your intention is the energy that is backing up your desire. And your energy is what attracts.

Two individuals can have the same desire but attract wildly different outcomes because their intentions are different on an energetic level.

So if you want to manifest the outcomes that you want, you must start your manifestation off with a positive intention.

Follow these three easy steps to set an intention for your manifestation.

1. Write Down Your Desire

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The first step to setting an intention for your manifestation is to write down the desire you want to manifest.

Now, you may have many desires in your mind, but just pick one that stands out the most to you right now and write it down in your manifestation journal.

If you’re struggling to come up with something, get some inspiration from this list of 30 things to manifest this year.

After you have written down your desire, go ahead and describe it and add some details to it.

Describe it using your five senses and write down what you will do with it.

Be creative and let your thoughts flow onto the page.

This step will help you set your intention by helping you visualize your desire.

2. Clarify The Intention Behind Your Desire

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The second step to setting an intention for your manifestation is to clarify the intention behind your desire.

Ask yourself this question, “Why do you want to manifest this desire?” and write down your answer in your manifestation journal.

Be totally honest when answering this question. That’s the only way you can uncover the energy that is backing up your desire.

When it comes to manifesting using the Law of Attraction, always remember that whatever energy you send out, you will receive.

After you have written down your response, highlight all the words that are related to your emotions or feelings.

Then refer to the Emotional Guidance Scale and assess whether the emotions are high vibrational or low vibrational.

Your emotions will tell you whether your intention will attract to you the outcomes that you want or the outcomes that you don’t want.

When you send out high vibrational and positive energy, you manifest people, situations, and experiences that support your positive energy.

When you send out low vibrational and negative energy, you manifest people, situations, and experiences that support your negative energy.

If your find that your intention is backed by low vibrations, use manifestation techniques like these positive affirmations for alignment and prayers to the Universe to shift your vibrations before proceeding to the next step.

3. Declare Your Intention To The Universe

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The final step to setting an intention for your manifestation is to declare your intention to the Universe

Read what you have written down in step 2 out loud to surrender your desire to the Universe. If you’re not familiar with the term, the Universe, read this post.

Release the what, when, and how and simply let your positive intentions elevate your spirit.

The key to manifesting what you want is to detach from the outcome that you think you need.

Detachment may sound counterintuitive but it is the exact thing you need to do if you want to receive what is of the highest good.

One thing to note about detachment is you only need to surrender your desire, not the intention.

Your desire can get in the way of your manifestation because of the urge to control and worry.

But your intention holds the power to transform your energy and thus the outcomes you manifest.

Always let your positive intentions power your thoughts, feelings, and actions and bring you back into vibrational alignment with what you want.

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