Can You Cry While Manifesting? (What Happens and What To Do)

Are you wondering if it’s okay to cry while manifesting? Read this blog to learn what happens when you cry and how it affects your manifestation.

Can you cry while manifesting?

The answer is yes—as long as you are willing to find out why you’re crying and take necessary action to restore your vibrational alignment with your desire.

Crying is usually a response to negative emotions like fear or sadness. But sometimes crying can also be elicited from extremely positive emotions like joy or love.

As I explain in my book Feeling Good, you always manifest what you feel.

If you are crying tears of sadness, then you will manifest experiences that match your sadness.

If you are crying tears of joy, then you will manifest experiences that match your joy.

How you feel when you cry will affect your manifestation depending on whether the emotions are high vibrational or low vibrational (refer to Abraham-Hicks’ Emotional Guidance Scale).

But don’t worry if you cry while manifesting because it is totally fixable.

Follow these steps below to get back on track to manifest what you want.

What To Do If You Cry While Manifesting

1. Clarify Why You Cried

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The first thing to do if you cry while manifesting is to clarify why you cried in the first place?

Are you crying tears of sadness or tears of joy?

If you’re crying tears of joy, then let those tears fall freely. You’re on track to manifesting even more joyful experiences into your life.

If you’re crying tears of sadness, then take a moment to acknowledge your negative emotions.

Ask yourself “How do I feel right now?” And “Why am I feeling this way?” and write down your answers in your manifestation journal.

This step creates separation between you and the negative thoughts so you can remember that you are not the thoughts. You are the witness of these thoughts.

In doing so, you reclaim your power over your thought system which allows you to choose better-feeling thoughts.

2. Forgive Yourself For Crying

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The second thing to do if you cry while manifesting is to forgive yourself for crying.

Whether people want to admit it or not, everyone cries. Crying is a normal response to intense emotions. 

Instead of beating yourself up over crying, use it as a sign from the Universe telling you to realign your vibration with the positive feelings you want to experience instead.

Forgive yourself for crying and celebrate this reminder from the Universe to get back into alignment with positive energy.

Welcome a miracle from the Universe by shifting your perception from fear to love.

Knowing how you don’t want to feel allows you to clarify how you do want to feel.

3. Raise Your Vibration

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The final thing to do if you cry while manifesting is to choose better-feeling thoughts.

Once you have witnessed how you feel and forgiven yourself, it is time to raise your vibration back into a positive place.

Choose how you want to feel right now. Use your negative feelings as a compass toward how you want to feel instead.

Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to identify positive emotions that you can easily reach for right now.

Then do whatever you can right now to cultivate that feeling.

Some simple but powerful ways to raise your vibration are to recite I Am affirmationspray to the Universe, and follow a manifestation meditation.

Is it okay to be sad while manifesting?

Yes. It’s okay to be sad while manifesting.

Your emotions are just a psychological response to the thoughts that you’re thinking.

When you feel negative emotions such as sadness, it simply means the thoughts you are thinking right now are focused on not having your desire.

Think about it, wouldn’t you feel positive emotions if you were thinking about how good your life would be if your desire already manifested?

So whenever you feel sad, it just means you need to change the direction of your thoughts.

You don’t have to do this immediately. Take your time to process your sadness and then choose a better-feeling thought when you feel ready to do so.

Is it normal to cry during manifestation?

No. It is not normal to cry during manifestation.

Manifesting is all about thinking about what you want and allowing it to come into your reality.

If you find yourself crying during your manifestation, it means that you are focused on not having your desire rather than having it.

And you always manifest what you believe in.

If you believe you can’t manifest your desire, you won’t manifest it.

So use your sadness as guidance to change the direction of your thoughts! 

There’s nothing wrong with feeling sad. All it is telling you is you must shift your thoughts if you want to continue to manifest what you want.

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