How To Manifest Good Health In 5 Steps

Do you want to know the secret to manifesting good health? Follow these 5 steps to manifest well-being into your life.

Can You Manifest Good Health?

Yes. You can manifest good health. I have used these steps to manifest complete healing from chronic acne.

Ever since I was a teenager, I suffered from chronic cystic acne and I was desperate for a cure.

I tried all sorts of products and diets, but none of it worked until I changed my negative thoughts to more positive ones.

Changing your thoughts causes a shift in your energetic point of attraction which literally changes everything that you attract into your life.

When you get into vibrational alignment with wellbeing, wellbeing must be attracted to you.

This is the promise of the Law of Attraction. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Use these 5 steps below to manifest healing and perfect health into your life.

I know this works because it worked for me.

1. Clarify What You Wantwoman drinking water

The first step to manifest good health is to clarify what you want and more importantly why you want it.

Your thoughts and beliefs are like a magnet, and according to the Law of Attraction, you’ll attract experiences that match it.

So you need to have absolute clarity over what you want to manifest.

Grab a journal and write down your desire and why you want to manifest good health into your life.

The “why” here is important because it will dictate whether you will attract positive or negative experiences.

If your desire is backed by negative energy like frustration and anger, then you’ll attract more negative outcomes.

If your desire is backed by positive intentions like happiness and joy, then you’ll attract all things good.

This is why you want to back up your desire with positive reasons rather than negative reasons.

For example, you can write I want to manifest good health because I want to feel better instead of I want to manifest good health because I’m sick and tired of this disease.

See how different these statements feel? The first one is backed by positive energy and the second one is backed by negative energy.

Subtle differences like this can make a big difference in your vibrational energy and therefore the things you attract.

2. Visualize Your Desire

The second step to manifest good health is to visualize how it feels to experience what you want.

As I teach in my book Feeling Good, your energy creates your reality.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s your feeling that attracts when it comes to manifestation.

Whatever energy and attention you put out into the Universe, will come back to you.

Out of the many manifestation techniques available, the best way to get into the feeling of what you want is through visualization.

Why? Because when you’re visualizing, you’re solely focused on what you want. And you can’t focus on what you want and what you don’t want at the same time.

Begin your visualization in a quiet room where you have 10 minutes to yourself.

Take 10 deep breaths and picture in your head what you want to manifest.

Visualize your desire using your five senses and imagine how good it feels to experience your desire.

Most people will feel excited, optimistic, or happy which are all emotions with high vibrations.

Continue to visualize and bask in the positive vibration for up to 10 minutes.

As you focus on your desire, you’ll notice it becomes increasingly easier to reach for more positive thoughts and imagery. This is an example of the Law of Attraction at work on a thought level.

Make it a daily habit to meditate and dwell on these positive feelings.

When you feel happy, joyful, and loving, you’ll attract experiences that match your energy according to the Law of Attraction.

Turn to visualization whenever your negative thoughts start to creep in so that you can return this high-vibe feeling.

Once you feel comfortable with visualization, you can try using these 22 manifestation techniques to raise your vibration and manifest what you want.

3. Stop Giving Attention To Unwanted Thingsman using smartphone

The third step to manifest good health is to stop giving attention to unwanted things.

What this means is to stop looking at things that cause you to focus on your disease rather than your wellbeing!

Examples include medical articles, internet forums, stories from other victims.

If you want to manifest good health, your dominant thoughts must be focused on wellness rather than sickness.

When I was suffering from acne, I spent an unhealthy amount of time looking at articles, products, forums about acne. It was like I was obsessed with my disease.

And according to the Law of Attraction, we manifest what we focus on.

So it’s no wonder my acne persisted despite my efforts to heal it.

The day I committed to stop giving attention to unwanted things, my acne began to heal.

4. Affirm What You Wantwomansmiling

The fourth step to manifest good health is to affirm what you want.

What this means is to make sure your thoughts are in alignment with your desire.

When we struggle with a health condition, it’s natural to want to rid of it by thinking thoughts like I don’t want to be sick.

But these kinds of thoughts will only attract more sickness into your life because the focus is on sickness rather than wellbeing.

When you think about what you don’t want, you attract more of it into your life.

This is why you need to adjust your internal beliefs to affirm what you want instead.

Think thoughts like I want to be well. I want to feel better. I want to feel good. I want to allow well-being into my life.

Click here for a list of positive affirmations for good health.

The more you focus on what you want, the closer you are to becoming a vibrational match for your desire.

And as long as you maintain a vibrational match to your desire, your desire must manifest. This is the law.

5. Trust In Your Healing Pathwoman praying

The final step to manifest good health is to trust in your healing path.

When you become a vibrational match for your desire, you will be guided to a healing path that’s right for you.

Self-help books may fall off the shelf, an ad might pop up in your email, or a friend might tell you about a solution that’s worked for them.

Don’t dismiss these events as coincidence.

All of these are direct manifestations of your positive energy and they are leading you to the solution that you’re seeking.

Surrender to the path that you’re guided to and trust that whatever path you take will serve your highest good.

Your healing path may involve doctor visits, taking medication, therapy, or other holistic and alternative approaches.

Listen to your gut and don’t let the opinions of others sway you from your healing path.

When I was manifesting healing from acne, my intuition pointed me to consider taking Accutane, a powerful oral medication for acne.

But I was dissuaded from this healing path due to the opinions of my family and reviews on the internet.

But then one day I decided enough is enough, and I trusted that I was guided to this medication for a reason.

I surrendered to the care of medical professionals and allowed the medication to the work for me.

I was confident that my positive energy will support my healing path and help me manifest solutions of the highest good.

Today, I am healed from acne and I can confidently say that this was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life.

In the absence of resistance, I attracted what I desired into my life.

I hope my story of healing inspires you to go on your healing journey. Your thoughts are more powerful than you think! Miracles await my friend.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Good Health?

It can take a few weeks to start manifesting improvements to your health.

The amount of time it will take to manifest good health will depend on how well your thoughts stay in alignment with the belief that good health is available to you.

If you’re always worrying about your health, you will block good health from manifesting.

You cannot think about not having what you want and manifest what you want at the same time.

The majority of your thoughts must be aligned with the thought that good health is on its way to you.

This means no negative self-talk, no self-doubt, and no focusing on what is not working in your life right now.

As long as you believe you can manifest good health, it will happen.

Does Manifesting Good Health Always Work?

Yes. Manifesting good health always works. 

However, your outcome may unfold in a different way than you planned it.

For example, instead of manifesting good health through at-home remedies, you may be healed by a new doctor recommended by a friend.

This is why it’s so important to not limit the way you think your manifestation will unfold. Always be open to creative possibilities.

Remain aligned with your desire to have good health, but stay open to how it can happen.

Can You Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Good Health?

Yes. You can use the Law of Attraction to manifest good health. The Law of Attraction is the force behind all of our experiences including our health.

The best way to use the Law of Attraction to manifest good health is to believe that good health is already coming to you.

The only thing blocking you from manifesting good health is your thoughts.

Whatever you focus on you attract.

If you want to manifest good health, you must convince yourself that healing is available to you.

If you’re always thinking about your poor health and worst-case scenarios, that is what you will attract more of.

Can You Manifest Good Health For Other People?

Yes. You can manifest good health for other people.

The key to manifesting healing for someone else is to think about them as if they are already healthy.

Visualize them having perfect health and interact with them as if they are already healthy.

Maintain your optimistic attitude and steer their thoughts toward the infinite possibilities that are available to them.

Your thoughts and energy have the power to uplift and influence the thoughts of those around you, which in turn helps them manifest more positive outcomes.