How To Manifest Weight Loss in 5 Steps

Many people want to manifest weight loss but they give up before seeing any results.

Remember that manifesting is all about how you feel. It is important to cultivate and maintain positive energy to manifest your desires.

So if you have a negative outlook on your appearance, diet, or exercise routine, you’re preventing your weight loss from manifesting.

Keep reading to find out how to manifest weight loss in 5 steps.

Step 1: Clarify Why You Want To Lose Weight

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Clarify your intentions by asking yourself: Why do I want to lose weight?

Make sure the intentions behind your manifestation are backed by inspiration and service.

Your intention is important because it dictates the type of energy you send out to the Universe.

When you send positive energy into the Universe, you’ll be supported with positive outcomes.

But when you send negative energy into the Universe, you’ll experience negative outcomes.

Positive intentions are those that serve you and elevate your spirit. Examples of positive intentions are:

  1. You want to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  2. You want to look your very best.
  3. You want to feel more energized.

Negative intentions are those that serve others and put their needs before your own. Examples of negative intentions are:

  1. You want to lose weight to impress others.
  2. You want to lose weight to avoid being judged.
  3. You want to fit into society’s beauty standards.

Step 2: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs Around Your Weight

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The second step to manifesting weight loss is to witness your limiting beliefs around your weight that are blocking your desires.

Limiting beliefs are the negative beliefs that constrain the way you think and act in your daily life.

Limiting beliefs block your manifesting power by dragging down your energy into a state of low vibration.

Some common limiting beliefs when it comes to losing weight are:

  1. I can’t lose weight.
  2. It’s hard to lose weight.
  3. I’m a failure.
  4. I can’t change the way I am.
  5. It’s hard to stick to a diet.
  6. I hate exercising.
  7. I’m going to gain the weight back anyway.
  8. I have no control over my weight.
  9. I’m not beautiful.
  10. I’m not attractive.

Be honest with yourself and ask if you are holding onto any of these limiting beliefs around your body image. 

Most limiting beliefs are not of your own doing but picked up subconsciously from those around you or your environment.

There’s no shame in acknowledging your limiting beliefs. You should honor yourself for having the courage to witness them.

Step 3: Prioritize Feeling Good

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The third step to manifesting weight loss is to make feeling good your priority.

Manifesting is a fun and creative process and it should never feel like a struggle.

When you prioritize feeling good in your daily life, your energy becomes magnetic and super attractive.

In other words, you maximize your manifesting power when you prioritize feeling good.

Try to have fun with it when it comes to losing weight:

  1. Don’t force yourself to follow a diet that you hate. Choose foods that you like or tolerate.
  2. Change up your exercise routine by incorporating new exercises.
  3. Set goals and treat yourself when you hit your milestones. 

When losing weight becomes a struggle, your energy will inevitably spiral downwards. And when you emit negative energy, you receive negative outcomes.

Step 4: Appreciate Your Body

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Appreciation clears the path to your manifestation.

When you express gratitude for what you have, you can feel good along the way to what you desire.

Make it a daily habit to celebrate small wins in your weight loss journey.

  1. Honor yourself for sticking to your diet for the day.
  2. Give yourself a pat on the back after every workout.
  3. Be grateful for every step of your weight loss.

You may find it helpful to track your progress by keeping a journal or with a printable weight loss tracker

Step 5: Surrender The Outcome To The Universe

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The final step to manifesting weight loss is to let go and allow your manifestation to come true.

Do not spend too much time worrying about the outcome. When you obsess over the results, you’re signaling your lack of faith in the Universe.

The biggest lesson here is to be patient and simply trust that the Universe has your back.

When you let go and allow, you lower your resistance so that you can allow the Universe to come through and guide you toward solutions of the highest good.

Even though your weight loss may not manifest as quickly as you’ve hoped or in the way you expect. Trust that the Universe’s plan always exceeds yours and will always lead to the highest good.

Can You Manifest Weight Loss?

Yes. You can really manifest weight loss. Everything in your life is a manifestation of your thoughts. This means you can manifest losing weight using your thoughts too.

The best way to manifest weight loss is to stop putting your weight on a pedestal.

Losing weight is not difficult. It’s just different.

The more difficult you think it is to lose weight, the more difficulties you will experience.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Weight Loss?

It can take a few weeks to a few months to manifest weight loss.

The amount of time it will take depends on how well you stay in alignment with the belief that you can lose weight.

If you’re always thinking about how difficult it is to lose weight or how hard it is to stick to your diet,  you will block your weight loss from manifesting.

You cannot think about not having what you want and manifest what you want at the same time.

The majority of your thoughts must be aligned with the belief that you can lose weight no matter what.

This means no negative self-talk, no self-doubt, and no complaining about how hard is it to lose weight or go on a diet.

As long as you believe you can manifest your weight loss, you will manifest it.

Weight Loss Manifestation Results

What kind of results can you expect from manifesting weight loss? Take me for an example.

By following these steps, I have manifested losing over 20 lbs in 5 weeks.

So I can tell you firsthand that it really works!

Does Manifesting Weight Loss Really Work?

Yes. Manifesting weight loss really works.

However, your outcome may unfold in a different way than you planned it.

For example, instead of losing 20 lbs, you may manifest losing 25 lbs instead!

Or instead of manifesting your weight loss through dieting only, you will discover an exercise that takes your weight loss to the next level.

This is why it’s so important to not limit the way you think your manifestation will unfold. Always be open to creative possibilities.

Remain aligned with your desire to manifest losing weight, but let go of how it will unfold.

Can You Use The Law of Attraction To Lose Weight?

Yes. You can use the Law of Attraction to lose weight. The Law of Attraction is the force behind all of your experiences and that includes your weight.

The best way to use the Law of Attraction to manifest weight loss is to believe that weight loss is possible and that it’s easy to lose weight.

The only thing blocking you from losing weight is your thoughts.

Everyone knows that if you eat less, you will lose weight. But not everyone does it. Why?

Because you have limiting beliefs like “It’s hard to diet” or “Diets never work for me” that are blocking you from taking the necessary action.

If you want to lose weight, you must convince yourself that you’re capable of losing weight.

If dieting didn’t work for you in the past, that’s not a failure on your part.

Maybe you need to try another diet. Or maybe you need to change your diet slowly. Or maybe you need to incorporate some exercise into your routine.

Instead of using past events to sabotage your desire, use them as a sign of redirection instead.

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