Top 5 Obstacles Before Your Manifestation

Are you facing obstacles in your manifestation? That may actually be a sign that your manifesting is very close.

Do Obstacles Mean Your Manifestation Is Close?

Obstacles before your manifestation are often a sign that you are on the verge of manifesting your greatest desires.

You know the phrase “It’s always darkest before the dawn?” Well, this applies to the art of manifesting as well.

Manifesting is a practice, so you need to put in work if you want to get better at it.

Sometimes, the Universe will deliberately place obstacles in your life in order to help you shift some limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

The moment you recognize these obstacles as assignments. You can accept them with grace and take another giant leap toward your manifestation.

Below are the top 5 obstacles that you may face before your manifestation.

1. The Buffer Of Time

One of the biggest and most common obstacles before manifestations is time.

It’s not that your manifestation didn’t come. It’s just that your manifestation hasn’t come yet.

— Quote From Feeling Good: The Secret To Manifesting

This time gap between the asking of your desire and the receiving of the physical manifestation of your desire is also known as the buffer of time.

In order to fully receive your manifestation, you must not only align with the vibration of your desires but also maintain that vibration in your daily life.

While some people may perceive the buffer of time as one of the major blocks to manifesting, it is actually a blessing in disguise.

Try applying the buffer of time to the manifestation of the things that you don’t want.

Without the buffer of time, any accidental detours into fear or negativity will instantly manifest people, situations, and outcomes that you don’t want.

And trust me – you don’t want that.

The lesson here is to simply be patient and let the Universe do its thing.

Keep doing your part vibrationally and let the Universe do the rest.

2. The Judgments from Other People

When you begin to practice manifestation seriously, you may encounter resistance from the people around you.

They may oppose what you are doing and some of them may call you crazy.

Simply know that their criticisms and accusations are a reflection of your own insecurity.

The more doubts you have in manifesting, the louder the voices of the haters get.

In order to rise above the haters, you have to maintain your faith and become even more unapologetic about your power to manifest your greatest desires.

When you become a deliberate co-creator of your reality with the Universe, all the haters in your life will slowly disappear.

3. The Resurfacing of Limiting Beliefs

woman point at mirror

Another common obstacle that can get in the way of your manifestation is limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are negative beliefs that constrain your life in some way, shape, or form.

Limiting beliefs block your manifesting power by dragging down your emotions into a state of low vibration according to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

Some common limiting beliefs when you are trying to manifest are:

  • Manifesting doesn’t work for me
  • Manifesting is not real
  • I’m worried about the outcome
  • I need to control my manifestation
  • I can’t manifest what I want

One thing that’s common in all of these limiting beliefs is they are all false. These beliefs only exist in your mind as a result of your past experiences in order to protect yourself from pain in the future.

The thing you need to do is to simply witness your limiting beliefs. When you acknowledge these beliefs are just thoughts you keep thinking, you take back the power so you can safeguard your high-vibe energy.

Once you have identified your limiting beliefs, gently replace them with affirmations by following my 5 step guide on using affirmations.

4. The Fear of Taking Action

Another obstacle that can occur before your manifestation is the need to step out of your comfort zone and take action from a place of inspiration.

As discussed in Step 4 of the Spiritual Manifestation Method, manifesting is a process of co-creation, which means it’s a collaborative process.

You must be willing to work with the Universe in order to bring your manifestation into reality, and this involves taking action. Not just any action, but inspired action.

Inspired actions are effortless, confident, and fun. There is no doubt or hesitation, and everything just flows.

You are not taking these actions because you need to but because you want to.

You are so certain in the outcome that you are inspired to take action in order to get closer to your manifestation.

Meet the Universe halfway by taking a leap of faith toward your desires.

5. The Need To Control The Outcome

The underlying obstacle in every manifestation is the need to control the outcome.

This is why the final and most important step of any manifestation is to let go and allow.

You must learn to surrender the outcome to the Universe in order to receive solutions of the highest good.

Many people mess up at this stage because they are constantly checking and worrying about whether the text will manifest.

This is a big no-no because it essentially negates all the work you have put in. Feelings of worry and pessimism have low vibration (according to the Emotional Guidance Scale) so they throw you out of alignment with the Universe.

The biggest lesson here is to be patient and simply trust that the Universe has your back.

While you are waiting for your manifestation, you can use these prayers to the Universe to detach from the outcome and stay aligned with the Universe.

How To Deal With Obstacles When Manifesting?

The best way to deal with obstacles when manifesting is to embrace them as assignments for growth.

The moment you see an obstacle as something that is happening for you rather than to you.

You can face it with a positive attitude rather than a negative one.

Do You Always Face Obstacles When Manifesting?

Yes. You will always face some kind of obstacle when manifesting.

The reason why this occurs is that your limiting beliefs are holding you back from manifesting your desire.

When you are getting close to what you want, your limiting beliefs will be triggered as a form of self-protection from future hurt or disappointment.

So it is up to you to rise above them and step outside of your comfort zone.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest After Overcoming An Obstacle?

It can take a few weeks after overcoming an obstacle to manifest your desire.

The exact amount of time it will take to manifest depends on how well you stay in alignment with the belief that your desire is on its way to you.

If you’re always worried about whether your desire will show up or not, you will block your desire from manifesting.

You cannot think about not having what you want and manifest what you want at the same time.

If you want to manifest what you want, the majority of your thoughts must be aligned with the possibility of having what you want.

This means no negative self-talk, no self-doubt, and no complaining about the timing of your desire.

As long as you believe you can manifest what you want, you will manifest it into your life.

What Are Signs Your Manifestation Is Close?

One of the best indicators that your manifestation is near is to receive a sign from the Universe.

Manifestation signs can be physical like repeating numbers or non-physical like a vision.

When your desire is about to manifest, signs will begin to appear more and more frequently.

Whenever you see a sign, acknowledge it and use it as confirmation from the Universe that your desire is about to come to you.

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I hope you find this blog post helpful and that it serves you.

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