How To Become More Spiritual (10 Ways)

Do you want to strengthen your spiritual practice? Here are 10 ways to become more spiritual.

How to Become A Spiritual Person?

First of all, what is a spiritual person? We are all are. It’s just that some of us are more connected to our spirits (or soul, higher self, Source, God) than others.

Everyone is on a spiritual path of their own and we each find out own ways of becoming a more spiritual person.

Some people prefer to do yoga, while others prefer to connect with nature.

If you’re struggling to find a spiritual practice of your own, the best thing to do is to try everything and let your intuition guide you to the ones that resonate with you the most.

Listen to your heart and approach each spiritual practice without judgment.

You know you have found the one if it makes you feel in flow, at peace, and connected with love.

How To Get In Touch With Your Spirituality?

The best way to get in touch with your spirituality is through meditation.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

The only way to experience your spiritual self is to tune out the distractions of the human experience.

When you quiet all of your thoughts, all that’s left is you. That’s your spirit.

That feeling of inner peace you experience during meditation is the truth of who you are.

How Do I Start Being More Spiritual?

The best way to start being more spiritual is to be curious about your inner you.

Your curiosity will open all kinds of doors and lead you to the spiritual path that is right for you.

Curiosity is free-flowing, non-judgmental energy. It’s a willingness to accept new thoughts and try new practices with the intention of connecting with your truth—whatever that may be.

Read below for 10 ways to become more spiritual.

1. Raise Your Vibration

girl meditating with her dog

The first way to becoming more spiritual is to raise your vibration.

You are spirit having a human experience and your spiritual purpose is to get closer to love.

According to the Law of Vibration, everything vibrates including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

And love is one of the energies with the highest vibration according to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

This is why in many religions, the word love is synonymous with God.

When you vibrate at the frequency of love, you vibrate with Spirit (also known as God, the Universe, and Source).

By becoming one with love, you become one with God.

Some simple but powerful ways to raise your vibration are to recite I Am affirmationspray to the Universe, and use affirmation cards.

2. Connect With Your Higher Self

Woman in A Colorful Knitted Shirt And Gray Headwear

The second way to becoming more spiritual is to connect with your Higher Self.

Your higher self is your spirit, which is the essence of who you are.

Your physical form consists of three parts: body, mind, and spirit.

Your body and mind are the physical parts of you, but your spirit is the inner consciousness that animates your physical form.

Your higher self belongs to the spiritual realm, so it has direct access to the Universe (or God, Source, etc).

This is why connecting with your higher self allows you to receive inspiration, guidance, and ideas that you normally would not be able to access.

Read my 3-step guide and learn how to connect with your higher self.

3. Integrate Spirituality Into Your Life

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The third way to becoming more spiritual is to integrate spirituality into your life.

Don’t just reserve spirituality for your meditation pillow. The best way to become more spiritual is to live in a spiritual mindset all day long.

Start your morning with a high-vibe morning routine.

End your day with a positive evening routine that’s full of gratitude and appreciation.

Learn more about my manifestation morning routine and evening routine here.

4. Meditate

man meditating

The fourth way to becoming more spiritual is to meditate every day.

Every spiritual person practices meditation because meditation is how you connect with your higher power.

When you sit in stillness, you allow divine wisdom and spiritual guidance to come through.

Many lightworkers receive hits of inspiration or what we call “spiritual downloads” in our meditation sessions.

Meditation may sound daunting but it’s a really simple practice once you get the hang of it.

Sit in stillness, witness any thoughts that come up, and guide your attention back to the breath.

If you are new to meditation, use these top 10 manifestation meditation videos to get started.

5. Pray To The Universe

man praying

The fifth way to becoming more spiritual is to pray to the Universe.

If meditation is receiving, then praying is asking.

Prayers to the Universe are the best way to directly communicate with this higher power and shift your energy from fear to faith.

There are no rules when it comes to prayer. Even a simple prayer like, “Thank you,” is a prayer in and of itself.

Get started with prayers with these 10 Prayers To the Universe and 10 Prayers For Abundance.

Treat your relationship with the Universe like a two-way street and you will feel supported in your daily life.

6. Dive Deep Into Spirituality

man reading

The sixth way to becoming more spiritual is to dive deep into spirituality.

A big part of becoming more spiritual is about being open to new perspectives.

As I explain in my self-help book, Feeling Good, your ego will do its best to block you from reconnecting with your highest truth.

You will be tempted to judge, dismiss, or ignore new perspectives because they are too “out there” or too “woo-woo.”

But don’t let your resistance block you from learning new ways of thinking just because they are radically different than what you’re used to.

The Universe (or God, Source, etc) is always revealing itself to you, but you can only hear this guidance if you are open to receiving it.

So approach your spiritual practice with an open heart and a willingness to learn.

Trust that every spiritual teacher, guru, and book that you come across contains a piece of that puzzle you’re searching for.

Find your next book to read using my top 10 books on manifesting, 21 self-help books to read this year.

Or take my online course in manifesting to learn more about co-creating with the Universe.

7. Ask For Signs

girl look up at the sky

The seventh way to becoming more spiritual is to ask the Universe for signs.

You can ask the Universe to show you a sign if you’re looking for spiritual guidance on a big decision you have to make or for confirmation that you’re heading toward the right path.

When you intentionally ask the Universe for a sign, you are demonstrating your faith in a power beyond your own.

In doing so, you strengthen your relationship with the Universe and you’ll be rewarded with clear spiritual guidance and creative ideas.

Read this blog post to learn how to ask for signs from the Universe.

8. Become A Channel For Inspiration

Sporty woman in sportswear with yoga mat on pathway

The eighth way to becoming more spiritual is to become a channel for inspiration.

The word inspiration means to be in spirit.

This is why most people feel energized and in the zone when they are doing something creative.

When you are doing something you’re truly passionate about, you become a channel for Spirit to work through you.

The more you get into the state of inspiration, the easier it is to receive universal guidance and creative ideas from the Universe.

9. Show Appreciation

Woman in Black and White Stripe Top Writing

The ninth way to becoming more spiritual is to show appreciation.

Appreciation is one of the energies with the highest vibrational frequency according to the Emotional Guidance Scale.

So make it a habit to write down 3 things you’re grateful for every day in your manifestation journal.

When you express appreciation, you actively catapult yourself back into alignment with the loving presence of the Universe.

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, appreciation helps you be grateful for what you do have.

Always remember that what you focus on grows.

10. Be Of Service To Others

man and woman talking

The final way to becoming more spiritual is to be of service to others.

Take your appreciation to the next level by doing positive things for others.

There are so many ways to be of service to others, and many of them don’t even require any financial or time commitments.

You can hold space for a friend in need. You can manifest a solution of the highest for all. Or you can simply bring joy into a seemingly joyless situation.

When you live out your spiritual practice, you become a lighthouse in the midst of darkness.