How To Manifest A Kiss In 5 Steps

Do you want to manifest a kiss from your crush? Follow these 5 steps to manifest a romantic kiss in 5 steps.

Manifestation can be used to attract all kinds of things, including a kiss from someone.

The more you get into vibrational alignment with the feeling you want to experience, the quicker you can manifest the experience in your reality.

Manifesting a kiss, especially if this is your first time, can be nerve-wracking. This causes you to fall out of alignment with your desire.

So the key here is to cultivate the energy of love, joy, and excitement and let your energy do the work for you.

Keep reading to learn how to manifest a kiss in 5 steps.

1. Describe Your Dream Kiss

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The first step to manifesting a kiss is to describe your dream kiss in your manifestation journal.

In order to attract the experiences you desire, you must know exactly what you want.

So take some time to describe the kiss of your dreams.

Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who do you want to share this kiss with?
  • Where will you kiss this person?
  • What is the scenario leading up to it?

Write it all down in your manifestation journal.

Clarifying your desire is very important because it will help you to cultivate the feeling of the experience more easily.

2. Get Honest About Your Intentions

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The second step to manifesting a kiss is to get honest about your intentions.

In other words, why do you want to manifest a kiss? And how would this kiss make you feel?

According to the Law of Vibration, everything in the universe, including your feelings and emotions, is made up of energy that vibrates at a specific frequency.

By the Law of Attraction, energies with similar vibration are drawn together.

And as discussed in my book on manifestation, Feeling Good, your emotion is your barometer for identifying your vibration.

So the key to manifesting what you want is to identify the emotions you want to experience and aligning yourself with them.

Start a new paragraph under what you have written down in Step 1, and write down the intentions behind your desire.

Do you want to manifest this kiss because you love this person? Or do you want to manifest this kiss because you’re trying to prove your worth to others?

Write down your answer with absolute honesty.

Different energies will manifest different outcomes. So you’ll want to ensure the energy that is backing up your desire is positive and high vibrational.

Use the Emotional Guidance Scale to identify the high vibrational emotions that you need to align with in order to manifest what you want.

3. Visualize The Kiss

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The third step to manifesting a kiss is to visualize the kiss in your mind.

As I teach in my manifestation online course, your energy creates your reality.

Therefore, it’s important to remember that it’s your feeling that attracts when it comes to manifestation.

Out of the 22 manifestation techniques available, the best way to get into the feeling of what you want to experience is through visualization

Visualization is more powerful than dreaming because you are intentionally aligning with the feeling of experiencing the desire.

To start your visualization meditation, go to a quiet room and sit in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes and imagine the kiss in your mind.

After you have created a realistic picture in your mind, shift your attention toward the positive intentions and emotions that are backing up your desire.

Think about how good it feels to kiss your crush. Imagine the joy you will feel. Feel the happiness from sharing this special moment.

Sit in stillness for at least 10 minutes and let this positive energy take over your thoughts and feelings.

Remember this high vibrational feeling and use it as your energetic point of reference.

This is the type of energy you want to channel in order to align with the vibration of your desire.

4. Take Action With Confidence

Man Carrying Woman

The fourth step to manifesting a kiss is to take action with confidence.

Now that you have aligned your energy with what you want, it’s time to take action.

Be bold and take action as if you already know that the kiss will manifest.

Invite your crush out on a date. Plan a romantic evening. Get a present for them.

When you take action from a place of energetic alignment, your actions should feel in flow and almost effortless.

Actions that are taken from a place of energetic alignment will produce much greater results than actions that are taken from a place of misalignment.

If you’re feeling nervous or worried, go back to Step 1-3 and review what you’ve written down, and visualize again.

Channel the positive energy you felt during your visualization and then take action immediately.

5. Go With The Flow

Couple walking on street with coffee cups

The final step to manifesting a kiss is to go with the flow.

Now that you’ve done the work in setting up your energy and taking action, all you have to do is allow your desired experience to come to you.

Don’t try to force it to happen.

The minute you force it, you spiral down into negative energy because the need to manipulate a situation means that you have a fear that the kiss won’t manifest.

And fear is the exact opposite of the loving energy you want to feel.

So what you have to do here is to simply be patient and maintain your positive attitude.

When you’re on a date with your crush, don’t focus on the kiss itself.

Instead, focus on having fun and feeling the joy, happiness, and love that you feel in the moment.

Your crush will be able to detect your positive vibration and will be drawn to your energy like a magnet.

Then when the moment is right, the kiss will manifest.

If the kiss doesn’t manifest yet, it simply means the Universe has something better in store for you.

Trust that the Universe’s plan always exceeds yours and will always lead to the highest good.

While you are waiting for your manifestation, you can use these prayers to the Universe to detach from the outcome and stay aligned with the Universe.

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