Manifestation Ideas: 20 Things To Manifest

A lot of people ask me, “What should I manifest?” So I have compiled a list of 20 manifestation ideas to give you some inspiration.

Although there is no limit to what you can manifest, your Inner Guide is always pointing toward something that you need at this moment in time.

As discussed in my best-selling book on manifestation, the best way to receive guidance from your Inner Guide is to examine how you feel.

If you feel pulled toward a certain idea or if a specific goal makes you feel emotions with high vibrations (according to the Emotional Guidance Scale) then you know that desire is in alignment with your spirit.

Scroll below for 20 ideas for you to manifest. Pick a few that resonates and work toward manifesting them.

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting means allowing your thoughts and beliefs to turn into reality.

Every thought you have is determining what you will manifest next.

So the key to manifesting is to be conscious of your thoughts so that you can stay in alignment with your desire.

You cannot think about all the ways you can’t manifest what you want and manifest it at the same time.

What Can You Manifest?

What can you manifest? The answer is everything.

Everything in your life is a manifestation of your thoughts.

Once you have learned the concepts of manifestation, there’s no limit to what you can bring into your reality.

From wealth to relationships. From health to happiness. There is nothing you cannot manifest.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Something?

It usually takes at least 40 days of consistent practice to start manifesting what you want.

Scientific research shows it takes 40 days to build a habit or a pattern. This applies to the way you think as well.

Remember that manifesting is all about alignment. Your thoughts must remain in alignment with what you want in order to attract them into your life.

When you learn to monitor your thoughts and make the necessary adjustments, you can stay in alignment more and therefore manifest your desire more quickly.

Does Manifesting Always Work?

Yes. Manifesting always works. 

However, your outcome may unfold in a different way than you planned it.

For example, instead of manifesting a relationship with a specific person, you may hit it off with someone super attractive at the local coffee shop instead.

Or instead of manifesting a job at a specific company, you may be offered a job in a more prestigious company through a mutual connection.

This is why it’s so important to not limit the way you think your manifestation will unfold. Always be open to creative possibilities.

Remain aligned with the essence of your desire, but stay open to what that desire can look like.

1. A New Job

If you’re not satisfied with your current job, then you should try to manifest a job that you enjoy.

Follow my 5 step guide on manifesting a new job.

Use these affirmations for a new job to align your energy with the vibrations of thriving in your dream job.

2. A Loving Partner

Two Happy People Together

Manifest a loving relationship that you deserve. To receive the love that you deserve, you must embody the energy of love in your daily life.

Follow these 5 steps to manifest the love you’ve been longing for.

Shift your vibrations toward love by using these affirmations for love.

3. A New Relationship

Man Carrying Woman

Let go of the past and manifest a new relationship that is rooted in love, trust, and honesty.

Follow these 5 steps to manifest a relationship with your special someone.

Strengthen your relationships using these powerful affirmations for relationships.

4. A New Career

Are you stuck in a career that doesn’t align with your passion? Then you can make it your goal to manifest a pivot toward a career that aligns with your spirit.

Here are five steps you should follow when manifesting a new job.

5. Become Your Own Boss

Tired of working for other people? Manifest your own business empire.

Start your online business with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, Etsy.

If you have a talent for hand-crafted products, I highly recommend you start your store on Etsy! It’s the best platform for all things hand-made.

6. Manifest Money

Man Wearing Bonnet and Hoodie

Call in wealth by manifesting financial abundance.

To attract financial abundance, you must feel financially abundant.

Many of us were raised with a “lack” mentality. We focus on the things that we don’t have or the things that aren’t working. 

But the way to attract more money into your life is to adopt an abundance mindset. Be grateful for what you do have and you’ll attract more of it into your life.

Use these prayers to the Universe to attract abundance into your life.

7. Small Wins

Try to manifest a small win during the day.

This win can apply to any game, contest, or competition that you participate in.

Take out your manifestation journal and write down your intention. Release the outcome and watch how your day unfolds.

As discussed in my Ultimate Guide to Manifesting, when you are aligned with the high vibration of the Universe, the whole world conspires to lead you toward solutions of the highest good.

8. Acts of Kindness

Another idea to manifest is an act of kindness.

This act of kindness can be in the form of help, verbal appreciation, or a gift.

The best way to manifest this is to embody the emotions of love, gratitude, and joy throughout the day

According to the Emotional Guidance Scale, emotions such as gratitude are high vibrational energies.

And according to the Law of Attraction, whatever energy you send out, you will receive.

So when you live in the energy of gratitude, you will receive experiences, people, and outcomes that bring more gratitude into your life.

9. Unexpected Gifts

Pink Manifestation Box

Try to manifest a gift or present from someone you know.

This gift can come in many forms including physical gifts, electronic gifts, or other expressions of love.

Don’t judge a gift by its size or value. When you judge a gift and deem it is unworthy, you are telling the Universe that you’re not happy with what you have.

The Universe doesn’t support low vibe energies like that and you will just block future manifestations.

10. Compliments

A simple idea to manifest is a compliment from someone.

The best way to manifest a compliment is to give compliments to others from a genuine place.

Don’t give compliments in hopes of getting any in return. Simply witness the good in others and celebrate them when you see it.

This method of manifesting works quickly and you will manifest compliments left right and center before you know it.

11. A Fit Body

Young woman in Lotus pose with Palo Santo beside

Manifest the slim and fit body that you have always wanted.

Follow these 5 steps to manifest weight loss for good.

Set a realistic target for your ideal weight and work toward it. It may be helpful to track your progress using a weight tracker template.

12. Beautiful Skin

Say goodbye to acne and manifest clear and healthy skin.

Start by following my 5-step guide on manifesting clear skin.

Continue to maintain clear skin by using these affirmations for clear skin every day.

13. A Strong Body

Manifest a strong and muscular body.

Build a realistic exercise routine by selecting exercises that bring you joy.

Use these affirmations to stay healthy and fit by raising your vibrations.

14. Good Health

Woman Practicing Yoga

Shed your limiting beliefs and manifest a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Manifest strong physical health using these powerful affirmations for health.

Take care of your mental health using these affirmations for mental health.

15. Alignment With A Higher Power

Woman in front of mirror

Make it your goal to stay in alignment with the Universe.

As mentioned in my Spiritual Meaning of Manifesting article, alignment with the Universe is a prerequisite when it comes to manifesting.

You have to align with the energy of the Universe before you can co-create with the Universe.

16. Faith In A Higher Power

Manifest a stronger relationship with the Universe.

The more you trust in the Universe, the more you can let go of the outcomes of your manifestations.

The final and most important step in the Spiritual Manifestation Method is to surrender the outcome and let the Universe do its thing.

17. A Phone Call or Text

Man Wearing Brown Jacket Using Smartphone While Using Smartphone

One of the small things you can manifest is a phone call or text from someone you know.

Follow my 5-step guide on manifesting a text to learn how to do it.

This may seem kind of silly, but manifesting applies to all things including text messages.

To take the pressure off this manifestation, try to manifest this call or text from someone you already know such as a friend or a family member.

If you try to manifest this message from someone you feel strong emotions for, your energy may spiral downward and block the manifestation.

18. A Best Friend

Go beyond surface connections and acquaintances by manifesting a loyal friend who you can depend on.

We all long for deep connection with other people and the only way to do that is to let our walls down a little.

19. A Spiritual Morning Routine

Create a high-vibe spiritual morning routine that supports your manifestation practice.

How you start your day will dictate your mood and energy for the day.

Positive energy will attract positive outcomes and negative energy will attract negative outcomes. This is why it’s so important to start your day off in high-vibe energy.

Here are 5 things you can do to make your morning routine more spiritual.

20. High Vibrational Energy

woman point at mirror

Make it your mission to dwell in high vibrations.

The best way to live in high vibrations is to use the Emotional Guidance Scale

The Emotional Guidance Scale is a scale of our feelings and emotions, in sequence from our highest vibrational feelings to our lowest vibrations.

When you want to raise your vibrations, you can simply identify where you are on the scale and reach for better-feeling thoughts that lead to better-feeling emotions.

By using the Emotional Guidance Scale to raise your vibrations, you have a precise roadmap to alignment with the Universe.

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I hope you find this blog post helpful and that it serves you.